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There are all types of men; some seek a sporadic, wild and pleasurable sexual relationship, others want to share the intimacy of a conversation in a private room, and there are those who seek a date in Valencia with an impressive woman. At Felina Valencia, there are escorts of all types, some ideal for having a simple sexual rendezvous, and others to spend a lifetime with.

Today we want to focus our attention on a newcomer, a Brazilian girl who stands out for her beautiful face, perfect measures and tenderness. A highly recommended escort for those men who look to have a date in Valencia with a woman who combines beauty with elegance and poise in equal measure. Her name is Alexia, a Brazilian partner who will surely provide you with a lot of things to talk of.

There are many escorts at Felina Valencia, but why go for Alexia? Although there is a type of woman for every man, Alexia has some traits that make her a smart choice for a date. She is a stunning and attractive woman, a girl who knows how to stand out with her looks and not lose her elegance at any time. She is a mysterious woman, the kind of reserved girls who invite to be discovered. If you are a determined and confident guy, trying and discovering her secrets during a romantic rendezvous will be a challenge you cannot miss.

Who knows, maybe her sweet voice and unhurried tenderness will make you fall into her spell, or her mysterious silence may not awaken anything in you. But think of the intimacy of the bed that always lies after the words…

Physically, it is undeniable that her pretty face and delicate body, marked by the provocative curves of a woman, catch the glances of men and women alike. And although some may not like her short height, she does know how to enhance her Brazilian woman silhouette with sensual lingerie and stilettos. Photos do not reveal all the feelings that her body usually arouses.

Alexia may be the ideal girl for some and not awaken passions in others, but that is something only you can decide. Are you ready to discover the mystery?

You can book a date with her by calling on +34 677 000 222 or come over to meet her at Felina Valencia during the day.

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Don’t think more about it choose now your favorite escort in Valencia Get in touch with us through our web form or by giving us a call on +34 677 000 222, and reserve your date with one of the sluts and escorts in Valencia.

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