Anal Sex: how to enjoy it?

Anal Sex: How to enjoy it

Anal sex is a practice like any other. Like vaginal or oral sex, it has multiple benefits. Sex is one of the most important things for the human being and it is excellent for improving health, it is the remedy for any pain.

Many women and men still believe that it is an unnatural act that is also very painful, but there is nothing more false than that. There are scientific studies that approve its benefits.

Of course, it should be borne in mind that the anus does not dilate in the same way as the vagina. They are two very different holes with completely different functions, so the stimulation of anal sex requires more time and patience. It is good that you use a special type of lubrication. Anal sex may be at some risk if not done properly, but if done correctly it may become one of the most pleasurable sexual acts.

Next, we are going to give you some keys to enjoy anal sex like you never dreamed of.

Keys to fully enjoy anal sex

  • Lubricates the area well

It is recommended that you let yourself be helped by sex toys . An adapted dildo or vibrator can go a long way in dilating the area. Remember that before penetrating them, you must lubricate the area very well. The best lubricants are those that are made of water, or silicone based in the case that it is done in the shower.

  • Use a condom

To avoid any type of disease or sexual transmission, it is recommended that you use a condom. sex toys should always be clean and disinfected. Never introduce the penis through the vagina after passing it through the anus, since you can spread a disease and it is not hygienic for it. If you want to do it better, change the condom.

  • Penetrate it slowly and without haste

The more relaxed she is, the more you will enjoy anal sex . In this area, everything must be calmer so that you begin to feel pleasure. The position of the spoon is the most suitable for this practice, or if you do it standing, it is better to get behind it. You can stimulate her clitoris as you penetrate her so that she feels more pleasure.

It may be a little awkward for her at first, you may even feel like you need to go to the bathroom. That is normal, and you will end up getting used to it.

In case it hurts more than you should, you can start by introducing special dildos for the anus of different sizes, up to the size of the penis.

Anal sex is not always as easy or quick for all women, so we recommend that you be patient at first. It is a muscle that sometimes takes time to adapt.

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