Anal sex: why it's so pleasant

Anal sex: why it's so pleasant

Anal sex is one of the most popular services at brothels and other houses of pleasure, like Felina Valencia, where gorgeous escorts offer their services. Despite being a sexual activity that is one of the most common erotic fantasies for men, anal play remains taboo for many.

And of course, anal sex can be extremely painful if not enough time and care has been given to making the experience a pleasurable one…with anal sex, the key is starting out small before you go big, first exploring with lighter anal play –and lots of lube– before moving on to the big show.

In fact, many women find anal sex to be extremely pleasurable, and can even reach orgasm with the indirect stimulation and new sensations anal sex provides to the clitoris, g-spot, and other nerve endings.

But what is it that makes anal sex feel so good?

How can it be an explosively pleasurable experience for both partners? For the person being penetrated, anal sex can release built-up tension by stimulating nerve endings that release endorphins and oxytocin that help de-stress and relax both mind and body, relieving muscle aches, headaches, even period cramps…pain relief and pleasure in one. And don’t forget to throw other stimulation into the mix – add in some vaginal or clitoral stimulation with a sex toy or even with a threesome, the woman double penetrated by two men.

Men often cite the tight fit of the anus as one of the major pleasures of anal sex, this alternative to vaginal penetration providing additional pressure and a new sensation. Many may also enjoy the penetrative role during anal sex because of its association with dominance or with a “forbidden” act that society in general still insists is taboo.

Painless anal sex

Anal sex shouldn’t feel bad or dirty or painful. Foreplay before anal sex is crucial for making the experience a pleasurable one for both partners, the arousal and relaxation it provides making anal sex easier. And it really is easier than you might think: lube, lube, and more lube, and never forget that lots of foreplay is essential for good anal sex.

Starting small with light anal play and building up to actual penetration with the penis is also important when it comes to anal sex that feels good, not painful. If both you and your partner know what you’re doing, anal sex can be an explosively exciting experience for everyone involved.

If you haven’t tried it yet and want to see what all the fuss is about, make a date with one of the escorts who offers her services at Felina Valencia and turn this sexual fantasy into reality.

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