Analingus… Yes, at Felina Valencia!


Would you like to try the analingus? You can have it with the escorts in Valencia at Felina Valencia. We are waiting for you!

The analingus is one of the most widespread sexual taboos. For many people it is the forbidden word, a practice only in the hands of the biggest experts. Do you know what is it? The analingus, as it is known popularly, is the oral anal sex: stimulating your partner’s anus with your tongue or lips. Do you wish to give it a try? We invite you to drop by at our bordello Felina and discover these feelings with the escorts in Valencia!

You will agree that the anilingus is one of the least practiced sexual practices by heterosexual couples. The discovery of the anus using the lips is usually an uncharted territory, due to which there are very few women who know how to do it to perfection. Meet some of them at Felina Valencia!

The analingus is usually the foreplay to an amazing intercourse. The relation usually starts with oral sex on the genitalia and thus the term anilingus (another name for analingus). The endless nerve endings in the anus contribute to your sexual stimuli getting aroused quickly and bringing out your wildest sexual side, thanks to which they will act as the precursor to the most wonderful orgasm by freeing your sexual instincts more easily.

Analingus… Yes, at Felina Valencia!

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Ways of performing the analingus at Felina Valencia

At Felina, we consider the anilingus to be an unknown but an amazing practice, due to which we assure our customers that during all their dates with the prostitutes at our whorehouse they will be able to discover their sexual bliss, thanks to an exquisite play of the tongue.

There are many ways in which you can practice the analingus at Felina. So, we are going to tell you in detail what it would be like if you chose this service. Pay attention!

On all fours

There is no better way of discovering a man or woman’s ass than in this position. It is one of the most primitive positions, thereby giving a glimpse of our wildest sexual side. Thus, accessing both the genitals and the anus in this position is always the easiest thing to do.

It usually starts by using the fingers to massage around the anus, thereby stimulating the nerve areas of this part of the body and arousing the sexual desire. From that point onward, both the tongue and the lips can touch the other areas of the bottom, culminating in the anus in circular movements of the tongue around that area.

In a 69

69 is one of the keys that open the paradise’s doors to any sexual relationship, and it was going to be nothing less than that in this case. 69 is also an excellent way of performing an anilingus, for it enables to easily access the anus, therefore opening up the area more comfortably and stimulating the nerve endings.

Furthermore, this is also one of the most dominating sexual positions. So, whoever of the two performs the analingus will be able to feel full control over the relationship.

Erotic shower

We attach a lot of importance to hygiene at Felina Valencia, because of which the analingus service is inclusive of an erotic shower. Thus, both the escort coming to Felina and the customer can unleash their excitement by assuring themselves of a complete hygiene during the anilingus.

You can start below the shower, with a warm temperature to stimulate your senses and enable you to be in a position to fulfill your sexual desire during the date.

What are your thoughts about the anilingus? Book your date with a slut to put it into practice, or even go beyond it if the situation warrants. Call us on +34 677 000 222 or using our contact form. If you prefer to come and personally know the hookers in Valencia working at Felina, here you can check those escorts who are available in real time.

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