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Girlfriend experience in Valencia

GFE is the acronym for the Girlfriend Experience sexual practice . This service is one of the services offered by some escorts working with us at Felina Valencia. They will provide you with the girlfriend-like treatment you need.


Many of our customers who request this kind of service like to undergo new sensations. Many others are bachelors, single guys who do not want any kind of commitment to a woman but do miss that sweet, tender and gentle relationship at all levels . At Felina Valencia, we cater to the needs of our users, and offer the best couple experience they so badly wish for.

What is the GFE?


As we said, GFE stands for Girlfriend Experience. That is, the sexual relationship is more tender but passionate.

Kisses, caresses, hugs and even dinner dates and romantic evenings are key elements for your girlfriend experience with the Felina Valencia girls to be a perfect one.


Not all the escorts are willing to engage in this kind of service because it requires a specific attitude and character. However, they go for the other side of such fantasies: the PSE (Pornstar Experience).

As can be understood by this Felina Valencia service, the GFE has a sincere, gentle and sweet disposition that does not have any room for wild sex or any sadomasochist practice and submission, for the closeness in a real couple’s attitude is paramount in the girlfriend experience service.

As we were saying, many customers feel lonely, and need to talk and get intimate not just in the sexual sense. Going by this definition, the girlfriend service ought to be sporadic, free of complications and formal.

Do you feel that way? At our brothel there are girls who can accompany you for a romantic evening. She will love you and their behavior will make you feel as if she were your girlfriend for the entire life.

Escort girls at Felina Valencia

Another service included in the GFE is the partner service. Don’t you have an event coming up and are tired of hearing your beloved grandmother’s advices of getting yourself a girlfriend?

Well, you don’t have to get involved with anyone and can carry on with your happy life, but you can delight your family by going out with a stunning and busty woman, as if she were your girlfriend.

What’s the best thing? She is not your girlfriend! Think it over twice if you feel lonely or need company for an important party.

Being alone is not a problem anymore. At Felina Valencia we offer a couple service if you feel lonely, want to love someone or need a partner for the Christmas dinner or simply want a new experience, all you have to do is get in touch with Felina Valencia. We have the solution to your problem. Call us on +34 961 053 154 or +34 677 000 222. You can also write to us at the email address or fill up our contact form.

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