Are you looking for partners for a Swap Club?

Escort Swinger Club in Valencia

Do you have a partner? Are you single? If you have ever thought about swapping partners and haven’t had the chance to do so… Do not worry! We have the solution because you can take one of the luxury whores in Valencia working with us to those hangouts you like so much.

Many customers come to our brothel to spend some time with these stunning girls, though not all of them like to have a monogamous sexual relationship and decide to go for another service on our broad catalog. Do you want to know what service is it?

Swinging or couple swap is a non-monogamous, sensual and erotic behavior wherein the partners, whether they are a couple or a bachelor with a prostitute, have an open and solely sexual relationship with other couples.

What is the partner to a Swinger Club service?

Many of our clients are regulars to events and swinger parties and sometimes pay us a visit to find the ideal partner for accompanying them.

For personal reasons, singleness or sheer curiosity, our customers hire the partner services to swap clubs with one of the Felina Valencia escorts.

The chosen girl will accompany our client to a sex club where he can swap the partner and she can have the required sex sessions both with the client and the swapped partner known at the time of the swinger party, or with acquaintances that are also regular to such clubs.


What and how is a couple swap performed?

Normally, there is an area at swap clubs where you can have a drink and get in touch with other swinger couples before getting laid.

These clubs are usually well-equipped for different erotic practices and to fulfill any type of sexual fantasy. So give free rein to your imagination and don’t confine it within any limits!

After the swap has been defined and agreed upon, you can engage in different swinging situations with your partner or the Felina Valencia escort:

  • Both the swapped partner as well as yours can look and take pleasure in seeing the other couple have sex.
  • You can have sex with the other partner, whether it is a group sex for the four of you or by swapping partners.

Before finishing, we would like to highlight two very important points in couple swap.

On the one hand, if you drop by at a swap club with your partner, we advise you to pay more attention to her than to the partner you get as a result of the swap since differences may arise between the two of you and jeopardize the desired sex swap agreement.

Before the start of the swap, it is very important to clarify the practices that will be carried out between the partner and the escort, as well as with the client, to ensure a satisfactory sexual relationship.

However, it is vital for the service to be complete, and that, at the time of hiring the service, for the preferences to be put into practice to remain very understandable, since not all the escorts provide the same services.

If you are still interested in couple swapping, all you need to do is get in touch with us and our receptionist will suggest you the girl who best meets your sexual tastes and… success is assured!

Are you a swinger? Do you want to try out the couple swap but do not have a partner? We have the perfect solution for you at Felina Valencia. Call us on +34 961 053 154 or +34 677 000 222. You can also write to us at the email address or fill up our contact form.

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