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The International Workers’ Day, a holiday in honor of workers, will be celebrated on Sunday, May 1.We all know about this event but few know about its origin.

International Workers’ Day: History

On this day the events that took place in Chicago on May 1, 1886 are reminisced. During those days, Chicago was an industrial city having numerous factories. Workers with endless working days used to work there in extremely poor conditions. On May 1, 1886, around 200,000 workers started a strike aimed at demanding an 8-hour working day. They also wanted to improve their working conditions. The striking workers managed to stall more than five thousand factories throughout the country and culminated in the Haymarket affair and a judgment against those known as the “Chicago Martyrs”. Four of them were executed and 3 imprisoned. Since then, this date is celebrated as the “International Workers’ Day”.

International Workers’ Day in Valencia

May 1 is a holiday in Spain, just like in many other countries of the world. Besides commemorating the events that unfolded in 1886, this day is still used by labor unions to organize demonstrations. This year we have come up with a more tempting plan for you at Felina Valencia. Can you think of any better way of celebrating the International Workers’ Day in Valencia than relaxing with a beautiful escort?

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