CIF and CIM at Felina Valencia

CIF and CIM at Felina Valencia

The escorts at Felina Valencia know what men’s most sought desires are: the Cum in Face (CIF) and the Cum in Mouth (CIM). Fellatio is a sexual practice known for being paramount for the success of a sexual relationship, since the most pleasurable stimulation of the male genitals can be achieved through it. Do you want to come and try it out at our whorehouse? We are waiting for you!

The touch with the tongue, the eye contact between the woman and the client or the ending thereof will determine the degree of pleasure given by a CIF or CIM. Although both are practiced in a similar way, the ending of both the CIF and CIM depends on the client’s tastes. Even if you haven’t had the chance to try out any of the two, why not you start hiring these two services from your next visit?

The customers of Felina are clear about it: fellatios are one of the basic services that must be hired at our whorehouse. Whether it is a CIM, CIF or OWO, the girls working with us will show you how they can take you to pleasure in a matter of seconds. Not all women know how to correctly engage in this practice, and, at Felina Valencia, we can boast of having the girls who perfectly dominate the art of giving blowjobs. Do you want to find it out for yourself?

What is the difference between Cum in Face and Cum in Mouth ?

If you are already convinced about dropping by to see us, but don’t yet know which service to opt for, we will go into detail about each of them so that you can choose according to your taste. Furthermore, some girls in Valencia are better versed in one kind of relationship or the other. Thus, if you get in touch with our brothel, the receptionist will be able to recommend you the girl who best adapts to your tastes.

Facial ejaculation

It is every man’s dream to ejaculate on a woman’s face or body after getting a blowjob from her. Whether or not it is a primitive trait, every man who has tried it at our bordello just loved it. Seeing the face or skin of a woman covered with cum after a wonderful fellatio is an image that takes some forgetting. It can also be an excellent starting point for more services.

The CIF can be practiced at Felina Valencia with or without a condom, taking it off right at the time of ejaculation. If you wish to do it without a condom, we recommend you to hire the OWO service.

Cum in Mouth (CIM)

If earlier we were telling you that it is every man’s dream to ejaculate on a woman’s face, the same goes for doing it in her mouth. This is what we know as the CIM. Besides being as exciting as it gets, this practice is very comfortable for the customer. It is not necessary to be attentive at the last moment. You just have to be driven by the hands and tongue of the escort with whom you have spent an excellent evening.

Do you know which of the two services you are going to start from? If you drop by at our whorehouse, don’t forget that this practice is performed under strict hygiene norms, applicable to both the escort and the clients. It is mandatory to have an erotic shower prior to engaging in the CIF or CIM.

Don’t give it another thought and come over to know us! We are located in the heart of Valencia, with excellent bus and car facilities. Call us on +34 961 053 154 or +34 677 000 222 and we will apprise you of the escort who best meets your preferences. You can also write to us at or fill up our contact form.

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A 10-minute taxi ride from downtown Valencia. Beware of taxi drivers. Some of them may try to take you another brothel or club in lieu of a commission. Kindly remember that our brothel is never closed.