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Christmas is getting closer and like every year, companies throw up a Christmas dinner to help their employees relax after a year of work and do some team building. A time when all the members of a company come together to celebrate Christmas. A night in which hierarchies collapse, thanks to the desire of having an exciting evening with the colleagues.

Flirting isn’t unusual during these company dinners and according to a study carried out by a famous lingerie brand, the chances of having a sexual fling with a colleague depends on your profession. IT (76%), lawyers (74%) and human resource managers (72%) are the ones having the greatest chances of having sex with someone from work. Among the most unfortunate ones are the doctors and nurses (52%) and professors (45%).

It is still important to ask ourselves a question: what are the advantages of having sex with a colleague? The answer is already known: few. Starting a relationship with a male or female colleague will make you the main focus of gossip in the office. Second, when the relationship comes to an end, you will be destined to see your ex-partner every day. Another aspect of no less importance is to bear in mind the case in which the relationship is established in a position of subordination.

In other words, flirting with a colleague isn’t always your best option. Then why not choose to forget about all those complications and headaches and trust the beautiful escorts and escorts in Valencia who work at Felina.

The escort service for dinners at Felina Valencia

Felina is a brothel that stands out among the rest for the inconspicuousness and luxury it provides to its customers. Moreover, a lot of girls in Valencia who provide the escort for dinners’ service or the partner service work at Felina. The girls providing the partner service for events and dinners stand out for their elegance, style and discretion. They play the role you want them to during the entire dinner and then in private provide you with a complete sexual relationship. The sex services provided by the Felina Valencia escorts vary from one girl to another. Before booking a date with a professional hooker, we recommend you to get in touch directly with us so that we can advise you about the partner who best suits your needs. It is possible to avail a discount for the escort service for dinners exceeding 6 hours.

On the other hand, if you want to go unnoticed and not take an escort to the company dinner, which may potentially lead to more gossips, don’t worry; drop by later to pay us a visit alone or with someone. Knowing that beautiful girls are waiting to have sex with you all night long surely makes the experience less tedious.

Check out the availability of girls in real time, all the services they offer as escorts in Valencia, and if you want, book your date today itself.

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