Did you know any of these interesting facts?

The most improbable fun facts about sex

The most improbable sexual fun facts

Sex is a cross-cutting theme across all earthly species and is present in the lives of each and every one of us. We cannot get over our frights because as the well-known saying goes, “different strokes for different folks”. Here is some information about some amazing sexual stuff which you surely didn’t know.

The geography of sex

Legend has it that it was Cleopatra who invented the vibrator in ancient Egypt, as she filled a hollow gourd with bees, which then stirred with fervor. On the island of Guam and in the modern age, there is a professional figure in which some men embark on a journey across the island while deflowering virgin girls, who pay for having sex for the first time and consider it a privilege because they don’t get married as virgins. In Polynesia, it is said that young couples make love three times a night on an average. Upon reaching thirty, they bring it down to “just” two…

It is legal for men to have sex with animals in Lebanon, provided that the beast in question is a female. If it is a male and the man is caught red-handed, he faces death penalty for it. It is also legal to have sex with animals in Washington, though in this case the condition is that the animal must weigh less than 18 kg. On the other hand, a law in Florida specifically states that it is illegal to have sexual relations with a porcupine.

Animal Sex

Since we have brought up the topic of animals… they say that humans are the only creatures that have sex just for the sake of pleasure. This is not completely true because dolphins and bonobos (a kind of chimpanzee) continuously engage in sexual relations that are out of their reproductive cycle. There are also animals that exhibit homosexual behavior, including male bats, penguins and chimpanzees among others.

If we talk about how often each species has such relations, you will be surprised to know that penguins reach just one orgasm in a year. Poor animals! But talking about poor animals, the antechinus, a rodent peculiar to Australia, has sex just once in its lifetime because it lasts for 24 straight hours after which it, of course, dies of exhaustion. However, it is better to die like that and not because your sexual partner eats you up, as is the case with the praying mantis. And talking about Australia, did you know that female kangaroos have three vaginas? Does that mean triple the amount of pleasure?

Facts, figures, numbers… Sexual fun facts

The youngest father to have been recorded was a Briton, who became a dad when he was 12. Maybe this guy aimed very accurately because his ejaculation exceeded the average speed at which semen is expelled, which is 45 kilometers per hour. Would such a young man have a dick the size of an average adult penis? The statistics put it at between 12 and 15 centimeters while it is erect (blue whale’s penis stands at 3.6 meters and it releases 750 liters of semen at a time). Having talked about the average in humans, the micropenis is a macro-pain: they measure between one to two centimeters when they are erect.

Do you want more information about the oddities in sex? You have surely noted that when a woman gets aroused, the size of her clitoris increases. What you might not have noticed is that her breasts also swell up by 25% of their volume. To reach the orgasm, they need at least 15 minutes of intercourse while we can be ready in between three to five minutes. However, the heart beats equally during the ecstasy between the two genders, reaching up to 180 beats per minute till the orgasm lasts. However, women are lucky: their orgasm lasts for between 13 to 51 seconds while ours lasts for just 10 to 13 seconds. (And it lasts for 30 minutes for a pig!)

Strange paraphilia

You must surely be aware of the most common paraphilia like voyeurism, exhibitionism, etc. Weird paraphilia, there are many of them, but we will highlight three wherein glory is achieved with the blind eye. That is because they are related with the anus. If sexual pleasure is produced by introducing liquids inside of you, we are talking of klismaphilia; if it is caused just by excreting feces, it is the case of coprophilia. But if what turns you on is the farting, it is known as eproctophilia.

And you, do you have any other fun fact to share with us?

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