Discover Felina Valencia’s fetishes

Felina Valencia’s fetishes

Did you know that if you come to Felina, you can discover incredible dates with fetishes, thanks to our escorts in Valencia? We know that this devotion to objects or body parts at the time of achieving the arousal or orgasm is rare and few women know how to manage it. We assure you that if you drop by at our brothel, you will be able to unleash your imagination.

Fetishes, just in case you never tried this practice, are elements of sexual arousal for an individual, and are embodied in objects, materials or body parts. The touch of a foot on the face, long hair caressing the back; high heels or leather are some of the most used items to reach the most pleasant climax by fetishist people.

There are few people who openly declare themselves to be fetishists, though there are many others who come to Felina to find a world of sex that is alien to them: fetishes are considered as taboo and not all women know how to put them into practice. What better place to practice fetishism than with the amazing hookers working at Felina Valencia?

Don’t think more and call us! We will let you know which girls are available at that point of time and which of them engage in anal sex in any of its expressions. We are waiting for you!

Do you already know which of our fetishes to choose?

At Felina, as you already know, there are no limits to imagination. If you have an idea and the girl with whom you are agrees and feels comfortable, you can put everything that is going through your mind into practice as far as the fetishes are concerned. It is a game and the ideal scenario would be for both of you to enjoy while you are together.

According to the Felina girls, many of the customers coming over to our elegant premises usually ask for the same kind of date, the same objects and the same materials. Do you want to get some ideas? Are you curious to know what they are? We are going to tell them to you!

Leather, an essential

People don’t know why leather is one of the most used elements when an escort meets up with a fetishist customer. The feeling reflected by leather is usually similar to domination, to a somewhat wilder sex, due to which it might be one of the reasons why our clients demand it on various occasions.

However, without neglecting the elegance of this garment, the curves of the women working at Felina become even more stunning, marking the curves in a more pronounced manner.

High heels

This footwear is also usually one of the most demanded ones. It is said that the heel makes a woman’s body look slimmer. That’s the main reason why many men ask for it. The ass looks much more pert and the curves a lot sharper.

The touch of a foot with lips

Fetishes can also be inanimate objects, and one of the most famous fetishes is the structure of a woman’s feet. When a woman’s feet are characterized by being long, soft and slim, they can’t but be an item of arousal for any man.

Have you made up your mind to try out the pleasures of anal sex with a Felina girl? Call us now and give free rein to your imagination. You will enjoy a sex session without any commitments with one of Valencia’s prettiest women.

Book a date on the phone number +34 677 000 222 or using our contact form. If you prefer to come and know the ladies in person, here you can check out the ones who are available in real time.

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