Do you want to be the best in bed?

How to be the best in bed and have nice sex?

Being the best in bed

Does watching porn movies make you the best in bed? Does “nice sex” mean the same thing for men and women? In this post we are going to tell you about the sexual practices that drive us crazy, and give you some tips so that you can be the best in bed. Keep reading!

Yes, watching porn does make you better in bed. It is proven that people who watch porn movies enjoy an above-average sexual arousal. Not only do they use their imagination and put into practice what they have learned, but also enhance their sexual desire and have a lot more satisfactory sex. We are obviously talking about both men and women, regardless of all the taboos that still exist around these subjects.

The differences between male and female sexuality are obvious. However, quality sex has to be arousing, erotic and very satisfactory for both of them. We can talk about the most typical stuff here. Good sex for a woman has to be accompanied by caresses, complicity, passion and a high dose of sensuality. On the other hand, it has to be plentiful, unpredictable and somewhat uncontrolled for men.

Special tips for having nice sex

Porn movies. Stop watching it alone, and enjoy watching sexually explicit content with your partner. The sex you have during that time, or after it will be highly erotic. If you want to go a step beyond, record yourselves in action. You will have a memorable sexual experience.

Wild sex. Yes, we are talking about when your neighbors wake up, when the headboard is shaking fiercely; agitated breathing, sweat drops tickling down the body and passionate gestures that activate all your senses. You got to have wild sex once in a while.

Spontaneous sex. Forget about the fact that the best time for having sex is after finishing your chores, or that specific day on the calendar. Spontaneous sex drives us crazy. Taking off your partner’s clothes in a flash, a less-suitable place in your home for having an intercourse, even an assault on your partner as soon as you enter the home is very exciting.

Forbidden places. Public places, morbid fantasies, even new games or sex toys provide that mischievous and near-censorship touch that can turn you on. At times like these, adrenaline runs through your veins, thereby taking you to a state of absolute pleasure.

Imply. Don’t ask for it. Volunteer yourself. Imagine your wife strutting before you in your favorite shirt, arousing you with her most mischievous look without uttering a word. It will be enough to break your wall of resistance. In case of women, imagine your man shirtless, wearing jeans without any underwear, naturally mesmerizing. He will be turned on beyond control when he sees you surrender to his charms.

Be sensual. The fact of being sensual and gentle isn’t just applicable to women. All of us love an erotic massage, in which you are relaxed and aroused at the same time. It is perfect for starting the sexual relation, having a body-to-body contact, and enjoying that complicity and relationship together. The body itself reacts to so much caressing, and provides you with a quiet and very erotic sexual desire. We advise you to use all parts of your body for the massage to be more daring.

Be domineering. There is nothing more erotic than seeing your partner take charge of the situation by managing, indicating and telling you how and where he/she wants to go with you. Don’t let the other partner take the initiative all the time, and especially do not abandon yourself to his/her tastes. Tell him/her what you like and how you like it. It is the ideal way of maintaining that sexual desire.

Know your sexual partner by following these tips. In short, nice sex is the one that leaves you breathless, which takes you by surprise and keeps your receptive to sexual innovation and growth. And if you do not have a partner, come over to Felina Valencia and let the best luxury escorts show you the way. They can show you the best weapons for being the best in bed.

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