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Anal sex

Backdoor banging, having a Greek, ass-fucking or “doing it up the ass”. There are many ways of referring to anal sex! Just in case you did not know, this sexual practice is one of the most widespread throughout the world, being one of men’s favorite and the most practiced sexual practice by girls whom you can meet at Felina Valencia. Are you coming to try the pleasure of Valencia’s best bodies and asses? We are waiting for you!

You will agree with us if we told you that there are only a few women who embark on the anal sex adventure. There are even fewer who know how to move their body and ass for you to enjoy as much as or more than what you do in traditional sex. Anal sex is a power in the hands of a few women, some of whom are at Felina Valencia.

Anal sex is one of the most enjoyable sexual practices, not just for us, but also for women. Just as we are telling you on this page, there is a huge concentration of nerve endings in the anus, thereby being characterized by being an erogenous zone sensitive to stimulation. Therefore, some women even rank it as more pleasurable than vaginal sex.

For them, this huge number of nerve endings, not to mention the contraction thereof during the penetration, takes them to a lot more intense feeling than other sexual practices.

Have you already given it a shot? Do you wish to penetrate a gorgeous woman from behind once again? Come and know us at Felina Valencia and the girls will put their charms on show for you during this or many other sexual practices.

Do you want to know more about anal sex? Here we have summarized some of the most particular positions that you may try out with some escorts. Sit back and enjoy!

The best ways of having anal sex

There are many ways in which you can have anal sex. We have found out the best ones for you below and, well, if you like any of them, you can ask the girls you can meet on our premises if they will fulfill that sexual fantasy with you or not.

Anal sex on a bed, against the wall

You don’t have to set aside the classics, and classics they are for a reason. Lie down with your hooker in bed and relax her anus by massaging it. Once you notice that it is ready to play with you, unleash your excitement and start penetrating gradually.

On the other hand, you can also practice it on foot with your escort, with you standing against a wall and she down on all fours.

Dildos, butt plugs

Sex toys are always helpful. Why not make the most of them for anal sex? Since anus is a sensitive area, they can aid in its stimulation and make it open more slowly but pleasurably. Butt plugs can also be enjoyable for women with the highest experience in this practice.


If there exists a best way to use the dildo, it is pegging. Do you know what it is? It is the anal penetration using a strap-on, or what would be a belt with a dildo attached thereto. It can help you in fulfilling a fantasy with your escort or even in seeing how she has lesbian sex using this belt.

Do you feel like trying the pleasures of anal sex with a girl at Felina? Call us now and give free rein to your imagination. You will enjoy a sex session without any obligations with one of Barcelona’s prettiest women.

Book a date by calling us on +34 677 000 222 or sending us an email to info@felinavalencia.com. If you prefer to come and personally know the ladies, here you can check the ones who are available in real time.

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