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Have you ever thought what are the advantages and drawbacks of engaging in sex in water? As you might know, the high temperatures typical of summers drive us to look for more refreshing and comfortable means to have one of the greatest adult pleasures: sex. Beaches, swimming pools and even Jacuzzis become unbeatable centers where you can let your imagination fly and make your most latent sexual fantasies come true. Whether it is in a secluded cove or a private swimming pool of a hotel room, you will find the experience to be more than just arousing.

For you to have an idea about everything that having sex in water can provide you with, at Felina Valencia we will tell you about some of the many benefits and some limitations that you must take into account.

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Sex in water

Water and its positions

One of the main advantages of having sex in water is the positions. The aqueous medium considerably reduces our weight, or at least the feeling, due to which the agility and possibility of moving in water are greater.

This makes it possible for us to engage in positions we have always dreamed about but could not practice due to the lack of movement. There are no such excuses in water.

Some of the most satisfactory positions aren’t strictly linked to being in water, but can also be achieved in a bathtub by using the shower and water pressure as a complement that can be used to give more pleasure to your partner while you enjoy his/her excitement.


Another benefit of the symbiosis between water and sex is the feeling. The senses become a lot sharper in water, which makes the caresses, touches and even the contrast of the contact with a hot body exceptional.

We can also count the water temperature as a factor. Hot water relaxes most of the body muscles, which makes the kisses a lot more sensory. On the other hand, cold water reactivates the body and becomes ideal for keeping on increasing the date’s passion.

But it’s not just the touch that benefits from water. The transparency of water will make your eyes have a complete visual contact with your partner’s body, which will increase your excitement if you focus your eyes on what you like the most about his/her body.

Privacy and other aspects

However, it comes with its own limitations, though they do have a solution. One of the main drawbacks of having sex in water is privacy, and the number of times when we can come across a fully empty swimming pool or beach is few. The solution to such cases is going for means that guarantee privacy, like a private swimming pool, whether it is your own or that of a hotel, a Jacuzzi, a shower or a bathtub.

The second of the lesser attractive aspects of such practices is the water, which is, by nature, an enemy of the female lubrication. Luckily, however, even that has a solution. It is enough to make the most of your resources with your partner and use artificial lubricants that will provide the two of you with the pleasure you seek on every occasion.

Have you made up your mind to fulfill your sexual fantasies in water? The escorts working with Felina Valencia have everything that is needed to provide you with the best times. All you need to do is to use your imagination.

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