Halloween in Valencia: Have a scary time with the escorts in VLC

Halloween at Felina Valencia

Halloween is around the corner in Valencia! The most terrifying night of the year, on which all of us experience fear in the best possible way, has arrived. Do you have any plans for the Halloween in Valencia? Are you going to some Halloween party? Today we bring to you some fun facts about this special day of the year, so that you can share them with your friends. Keep reading!

Fun Facts: Halloween in Valencia

1. The word Halloween is derived from All hallow's eve, which means the eve of all saints in Old English.

2. The origin of the Halloween dates back 3,000 years in the Celtic culture, which celebrated its year-end on October 31. They believed that the dead once again seized the spirits of the living on that night.

3. The pumpkin tradition originated from the Irish legend of Jack O' Lantern, a man who invited the devil for a drink at his place on the night of All Saints, and ended up in hell.

4. The use of masks originated from the belief that they could scare away the evil spirits.

5. In Scotland, the children sing or tell jokes or stories to win sweets. Young girls peel an apple in front of the mirror, lit solely by a candle or a candelabra. If they manage to peel the shell in a single strip, the mirror will show them the image of their future husband.

6. The festival came to the United States and became popular with the arrival of the Irish in 1840, but the massive spread of the Halloween festival kicked off in Minnesota, with the hosting of the first parade in 1921. Subsequently, other states joined the initiative.

7. The Celts used to believe that the dead would threaten them if they were not given what they wanted; that is the origin of the tradition of asking for sweets, for the children demand them in exchange for not being mischievous; this is the famous trick or treat.

8. Candles on the Halloween night are very important. It is said that it is necessary to put a candle in the window of the house for every deceased relative so that the spirits won't disturb your sleep. This tribute by the villagers to the dead avoided nightmares.

9. A treasure hunt is organized in Ireland (sweets or a cake) for the children to find it. A drink of roasted apples is prepared with milk or beer.

Halloween 2017 at Felina Valencia

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