Have you tried the erotic costumes?

Felina Valencia’s erotic costumes

Camouflaging yourself in another skin, putting on a costume and acting like someone you would like to be is an attraction in everybody’s state of mind, but… in sex? There are many couples or people who approach sex professionals, like the sluts in Valencia, to satisfy their horniest fetishes and desires. Now you can give it a try at Felina Valencia, thanks to the erotic costumes!

It looks like something out of the ordinary, but yet very common among the routines and practices of the people in their most intimate and passionate relationships. There are other people who use such elements as an escape route from the daily life and unleash the brute force that they have within and reignite the flame of passion.


Are we putting you in the situation? You must have surely dreamed about having a very hot rendezvous with your eighth-standard teacher, or having been arrested and sensually whipped by that policewoman who has imposed so many fines on you. Whether we are right or wrong, you must keep reading, for we are going to show you everything about erotic costumes and our bordello, Felina Valencia.

Types of Felina Valencia’s erotic costumes

It is very common for the women to be costumed and provocative, though we must clarify that there are some very promising male roles as well. Fulfilling any sexual fantasy is within anyone’s reach, whether one has a partner or not.

At Felina, you can enjoy the best erotic moments with the role changes and different identity senses. Feel like another person and get turned on to the fullest.

Below are some of the costumes you can request at Felina Valencia while enjoying the pleasant company of one of the wonderful sex workers at our bordello. Don’t miss out on any detail… there we go!

Sexy nurse

Have you ever felt short of breath while thinking that you have become a bad guy and a super sexy nurse has come to make you get rid of those evils that torment you? At Felina Valencia, you can make this dream come true, since more than one of the girls will make you evil just by being looked at by you. Get turned on and come over to know your sexy nurse.

Naughty schoolgirl

Go back to your teenage days. The most popular and beautiful girl in school is dripping with sweat since the heat in the classroom isn’t normal. And you, just by looking at her, think of drying her up with your tongue and undressing her as you kiss her in the gym’s locker room.

Come back to the reality and enjoy the most youthful fantasy with the sluts in Valencia, dressed up as a naughty and sexy schoolgirl who will take your breath away.

Perverse policewoman

The same cop, with nice curves and big boobs, who charges you the same parking fine every week. But you don’t care. The only thing you wish for is to make love to her and be punished by her every minute and become her submissive partner.

At Felina Valencia you can fulfill this fantasy with someone who dresses up like a policewoman.

Now do you see that you can give a 180° turn to your sexual relations with any piece of clothing and a change in attitude?

It is very fun to put yourself in the shoes of some other character and especially very exciting if you know how to play. Do you dare to fulfill your sexual fantasy? Book your date on the phone number <+34 677 000 222 or by sending us an email to info@felinavalencia.com. We are waiting for you!

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