How to celebrate a bachelor party in Valencia

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The bachelor party is one of the most well-known celebrations in the world, a ritual celebrated for the groom before his wedding. Its tradition is old. According to some people this party existed even at the time of the Phoenicians, wherein a man, the day before his marriage, slept with a dozen women. A woman wasn’t allowed so much, but still had the chance to choose the woman with whom her future husband could have sex. A particularly strange and even unknown aspect is the fact that this party was considered improper at the time of the Phoenicians.

Today bachelor parties are organized by the future bride’s closest friends and everything that will later be forbidden by marriage is allowed. The goal of this party is to symbolically celebrate the end of bachelorhood. The modern origin of this party lies in England, where the high-society guys used to spend a night of ‘pleasures’ before getting married.

Some ideas for bachelor party

Bachelor parties generally focus on a striptease and various kinds of jokes. The first advise we have for you is to organize the last night for your friend prior to the marriage in order to avoid undesirable situations on the most important day of his life.

Although this party is by definition a surprise, the organizers must plan the event after knowing the availability of the guests and particularly that of the future husband.

Another advice is the work with the bridegroom on some decisions, thereby avoiding uncomfortable surprises. Before organizing the party it is important for the organizers to know the bridegroom’s tastes very well.

Another aspect that must be borne in mind are the night’s expenses. All the expenses must be borne by the friends, for the only concern for the future husband should be fun.

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