How you can spend the holidays with a high-class escort in Valencia

Spend the holidays with a escort in Valencia

The most anticipated day of the year draws closer with every day that passes. Give yourself the gift of a sensual, erotic experience on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve or Three Kings Day. You’re bound to feel intoxicated by the Christmas spirit on these magical days of the year, and you’ll want to treat yourself to a special time that you so well deserve as the year comes to an end.

Christmas, or rather, Christmas vacation, is a time of year packed with special days and magical nights. Seize the opportunities this time of year offers to enjoy a spectacular experience with a escort in Valencia this Christmas.

Will you be alone this Christmas? Don’t have any plans for Three Kings Day? Want to countdown to the New Year with a sexy companion? Felina Valencia has a number of ideas to ensure you enjoy a magical night over the holidays.

Do something different this Christmas with an escort in Valencia

Do you want to make one of your Christmas fantasies come true this year? Do you want to have a wild private party with three magical queens? Unleash your imagination, make a date with one (or more) of the spectacular girls who collaborate with Felina Valencia, and fulfill a fantasy that is as magical as it is erotic.

Elegance, expertise, luxury and discretion are some of the adjectives that set Felina Valencia apart as one of the city’s most popular places to explore sex and eroticism thanks to the escorts in Valencia who collaborate with us, making it the perfect place to fulfill all your erotic fantasies this Christmas.

The different ways you can enjoy an erotic Christmas this year in Valencia

Role play

In this post we’ve already suggested a date with the three magical queens as the perfect way to spend the night of Kings Day. The chance to have sex with three stunning escorts in Valencia is at your fingertips, a way to instantly make your erotic fantasies come true.

Does role playing and stepping into a different character turn you on? Then this is the service for you. Of course, we recommend that you contact Felina Barcelona with your request so that we can make sure that you have exactly the experience you’ve always wanted.


Parts of the body like feet or lips, items of clothing like stocking, particular objects and even certain acts are just some of the ways that erotic desire is linked to sexual gratification. These are called fetishes and Felina Valencia is the perfect place for you to explore yours.

Sexual fantasies

Sexual (or erotic) fantasies, as their name suggests, is a mental image that can create or enhance sexual arousal. With the help of the escorts who collaborate with Felina Valencia, most of the most common (and not so common) sexual fantasies are just a phone call away.

Still not sure how you’re going to spend this holiday season? Give yourself the gift you’ve always wanted and enjoy some time with the escorts who collaborate with Felina Valencia, the perfect way to make all your wildest dreams come true.

Give us a call at +34 961 053 154 o +34 677 000 222 to make your appointment. Or contact us online through our contact form. Our managers will be happy to assist you and help you find just the right escort for you. We can’t wait to see you!

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