Is it illegal to go escorts in Valencia?

go escorts in Valencia

There are many people who wonder if "going prostitutes in Valencia" and practicing prostitution is illegal, and from Felina Valencia we want to clarify this question.

Prostitution in the penal code

Exercising prostitution in Valencia or being a consumer, as in the rest of the Spanish state, is not illegal. As long as it is exercised by an adult and of their own free will. On the other hand, if it is considered a crime that person who extorts or forces the exercise of prostitution by other people. As established in articles 187, 188 and 189.

Even so, "going as a prostitutes" or practicing prostitution in certain cities of Spain, can lead to sanctions and fines for both clients and prostitutes. Some cities such as Valencia, Barcelona, Castellón, Ibiza, Lleida, Bilbao, Malaga, Seville or Granada, have laws that sanction the exercise of prostitution in the street, fines ranging from €300 to €3,000 depending on the city.

In addition, action plans are currently being carried out in Madrid to end street prostitution. The Police have fined a hundred clients of prostitutes in the Marconi neighborhood and 30 prostitutes for exhibitionism in the vicinity of places destined for minors, parks or cultural centers. Fines that can range between €100 and €30,000.

In order to apply these sanctions, the agents use the new Citizen Security Law, known as the Gag Law. Specifically, it penalizes " requesting and enjoying sexual services by the applicant in public transit areas, near places intended for use by minors (schools, parks ...) or in areas that may generate a security risk vial ".

Administrative penalties for clients range, depending on the severity, between € 600 and € 30,000; and for prostitutes, from € 100 to €600. Fines can be paid instantly or later. In case of refusing payment (the administration would have the power to order the bank to seize the account) and repeatedly fine again, and may also file criminal charges alleging contempt of authority.

Where to go prostitutes in Valencia? Where to practice?

Therefore, as you can see, "going prostitutes" or practicing prostitution depending on how it is done, can be very expensive. For this, there are places like Felina Valencia, which have a specific administrative license where they can offer and enjoy these sexual services.

At felina Valencia we have the necessary legal, sanitary and logistical conditions to be able to enjoy a sexual encounter without risks or worries. In addition to collaborating with a large team of professionals and beautiful girls, ready to have an unforgettable date. All of them are free women who decide of their own free will and have chosen us as the place to practice their profession.

At Felina Valencia we wait for you and help you as much as possible so that you can make all your fantasies come true in the best environment in Valencia. Luxury, comfort and pleasure...

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