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Hi guys! We are starting this week with renewed vigor at felina Valencia. For this reason, we present you the new photo albums of 3 gorgeous escorts: Lucía, Irina and Samanta – three women who have decided to come out of anonymity and post their photos for those lovers who seek sex in Valencia without any obligations. With them, you will be able to have that perfect date wherein a stunning woman, who is an expert in the art of pleasure, focuses on fulfilling all those fantasies you daily dream about.

These 3 escorts have attractive bodies and a full dedication to satisfying their lovers, though each one of them has something special that makes them unique. Choosing one of them will decide the type of rendezvous you have. Depending on your preferences, fantasies and sensations, one or the other of them will be the ideal choice for your date.

Lucía is a young bisexual Spaniard who loves pleasure. She loves to be driven by her sexuality and feel how her lover discovers new ways of feeling and experiencing sex. She is loving, daring and very imaginative; a girl who promises a very lively evening.


Irina, however, is a heterosexual, experienced and very quiet girl. She likes relaxed evenings and enjoying a moment of intimacy with a handsome man. An affectionate woman who likes to pamper and be pampered by her lovers; a perfect choice for having a nice and quiet date.


Samanta is a stunning woman. Her great beauty, height and slender silhouette make her an attractive, elegant and sensual girl. She could be a real lingerie model. To add to her beautiful body, she is a kind, very loving, attentive, and smiling girl with a lot of poise. This escort is an ideal choice for those who look for a woman to fall in love with.


It all depends on what you are looking for, what you like and how you connect yourself. The relationship established between two lovers goes beyond physical traits and services that the escorts might offer. The best lover for one can be the worst for another. That’s why we always advise you to know them in person and have a moment of intimacy alone, so that you can discover all the charms of each woman and the feelings they awaken in you as their lovers.

If you want to find out more about them, have a look at their profiles.

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