Power male orgasms

Tricks to enhance the male orgasm

There is a general idea that men have an easy time reaching orgasm while women require a lot of stimulation. Although it is true that men have more facility because they do not have hidden genitals, there are two types of male orgasms: the first is the one that comes suddenly after some stimulation. The other is what we call total orgasm and it consists of a sensation that runs through the man's body from head to toe.

The luxury escorts that work in the relax house of Felina Valencia are pleasure professionals, so they know how to enhance the male orgasm. Our prostitutes in Valencia want to give you some touches on how to get it.

The main thing to achieve the orgasm of your partner increase the arousal of the man as much as possible. Visual stimulation plays a fundamental role in arousing men. The gestures, the looks and wearing sexy underwear stimulate, without a doubt, the man. It is the beginning, it is what spice up the sexual encounter. At Felina Valencia, the relax house in Valencia with the best luxury prostitutes in the city , we are aware of the curiosity that erotic lingerie gives.

Once we have passed this stage, it is good to move on to manual stimulation. The game of touching the erogenous zones and going to oral sex considerably increases the man's arousal. No man has succumbed to oral sex carried out by Felina Valencia escorts. Valencia prostitutes working for Felina are expert in natural blowjob, cum in mouth blowjob and cum in face (CIF) . Playing with your man's penis ensures total pleasure and arousal, making your partner want to penetrate you at all costs.

When we go to pure sex it is good to combine different sexual positions so that intercourse is more dynamic and less predictable. At Felina Valencia we have the best facilities so that paid sex with our escorts is the most surprising. In fact, all the rooms in our relax house in Valencia have mirrors from where the man can see the postures from different angles. The burgundy room has a sofa that will allow you to do unimaginable postures.

To reach full orgasm, choose the position that drives her the most crazy. Breathing is a good indication to know if the man is reaching climax and remember that strong breathing stimulates the man a lot. If you want to be playful, try pulling the penis out of your vagina a bit, rubbing the tip with your clitoris, or touching her testicles. With this you will increase their pleasure in addition to stimulating your own. One last trick: once your partner has reached orgasm, do not stop stimulating his genitals since having a sensitive penis will make the pleasure last a little longer.

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