Saint John’s Night in Valencia 2017

Saint John’s Night in Valencia 2017

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Saint John’s Night 2017 Valencia

The Saint John’s Night is the shortest of the year and is one of the most intensely celebrated nights in the Mediterranean villages. During the night of June 23 to 24, the beaches of Valencia swell up with people celebrating the summer solstice.

In Valencia, as in many other towns, bonfires are lit on the beaches that serve as a meeting point. Besides the Saint John bonfires, open-air dances and outdoor discos also make their way into the city. The Saint John’s Night in Valencia is a festival in which fire and music are very much present.

Since ancient times it is believed that Saint John’s Night is a magical one, due to which there are many rituals typical of this festival. The most famous Saint John rituals in Valencia are jumping 7 sea waves at 00:00 hours and jumping over the bonfires to scare away the evil spirits.

To round off the Saint John’s Night in Valencia, firework castles are set off on many beaches of Valencia. The Saint John’s Night is undoubtedly a festival to celebrate till the wee hours of the morning.

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