Sexercise: Sex and Exercise rolled into one

Engage in Sexercise with Kamasutra positions

Sexercise has become increasingly heard of. But what is it? Sexercise is becoming fashionable, and it is nothing more than making the most of a nice and natural activity to lose those extra pounds, which would mean going to the gym everyday and following a strict diet – a sacrifice that not many of us are ready to make. But what if they told you that having 20 minutes of normal sex burns up to 250 calories? Imagine what you could burn if you could consciously make some movements while having sex. Bid adieu to the gym!

But there is no point in jumping into passionate, messy and unbridled sex. We have to be aware of what we do and follow a bit of order, while combining it with that desire that in many cases can come to an end prior to what we expect. Sexercise is concerned with incorporating certain positions and movements that involve an additional work for the muscles we want to work on into sex. So, in addition to toning our body, we will do some cardiovascular exercise and burn more calories than normal.


Advices for practicing Sexercise

All of us can practice Sexercise. We must only adapt the sexual position and activity to our physical condition and goals. For example, we are introducing you to a variation of a position that you must have surely engaged in many times, and some advices for exploiting it to the fullest.

Curl with female body: More fun than… the bicep curls. This exercise is similar to doing biceps on a Scott bench, but with a little distraction and a slightly different final purpose. You can also vary the pace and speed up your training.

Step A. Lie down with your back resting on a large cushion. Ask the girl to sit astride on top of you and lean forward, resting her hands on your shoulders.

Step B. Grab her hips and move her up and down while varying the speed. You don’t need to ask a partner for help.


On the other hand, another advice for practicing Sexercise if you wish to burn those additional calories: it is a good idea to have sex as the first thing in the morning with an empty stomach. In this way, the body uses the fat reserves accumulated in the body, and not the energy from the food. Besides, varying the pace and interspersing moments of maximum speed with unhurried ones will not only help in increasing the arousal and delaying the orgasm, but also in increasing the fat burning.

If you are already one of those who engage in certain positions, or had sex last night and want to know the calories burned as a result of it, there is a sex calculator in which you can enter the position, duration of sex and the intensity to know how many calories you burned.


Escorts for practicing Sexercise

If you are one of those who do not have a partner, or feel that the first night with a girl is not the right time to practice certain sexual positions, the ideal thing is to approach the sex professionals like the escorts working at felina Valencia. Many of them provide the Kamasutra sex service and can help you attain a nice sexual relationship and avoid the tedious gym.

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