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Some men and women who approach luxury whores for a sexual fling do so mainly for satiating the sexual fantasies that they cannot fulfill with their partner, or simply because they are single and do not want to complicate things by finding a girl whom they have to convince.

The prostitutes who choose to work with Felina Valencia know this and also that the customers aren’t simply satisfied by having sex but that many of them seek a more spicy experience. Among the different sexual fantasies that men want to fulfill is having sex with a submissive woman.

Submission is a BDSM (Bondage and Discipline; Dominance and Submission; and Sadism and Masochism) and is a consensual relationship that implies the dominance of a person (master or mistress) over the other (submissive). Although it may seem that there are disparities in roles, it is, in fact, a power swap based on mutual agreement between two partners – a relationship that is based on trust and communication between two people and also on the deep ethics of mutual respect.

The submissive partner chooses to forego a part of his/her decision-making power in favor of the partner setting the limits. In some cases, with a deeper relationship, it may happen that these limits are crossed but this has to be always done with the consensus of the submissive partner.

The submissive partner normally has a safeword to avoid the dominating partner from surpassing the limits. If any of these limits is crossed and the submissive partner uses the safeword, the domineering partner has to immediately stop his/her activity. The use of a safeword is also necessary because the “no” of the submissive partner might be interpreted as a part of the sexual game.

The arousal in domination/submission is caused by the control and authority exercised by the dominating partner over the submissive partner. In fact, in this type of relationship, sex takes a back seat. What is rather stimulating is the psychological element like, for instance, the denial of an orgasm.

The orgasm denial or teasing denial is a sexual practice wherein a person is maintained in a state of arousal for a long period, without letting him/her to reach an orgasm.

The submissive service at Felina Valencia

If your sexual fantasies include engaging in a game of submission, but you are a novice and would like to start with a softer experience, the luxury whores providing submission service at Felina Valencia are the perfect escorts for you.

Thanks to one of the luxury escorts in Valencia whom you can meet at Felina, you can experience erotic sado, that is, a soft submissive attitude while having sex besides complementing it with erotic costumes and sex toys to give a hornier touch to the situation.

If you want more information about the submission service with the escorts at Felina Valencia, get in touch with us by sending an email at or calling on +34 677 000 222. Our receptionist will explain all the details about the submission service in Valencia and will apprise you of who is the most appropriate girl in keeping with your sexual fantasy.

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