Submission service at Felina Valencia

Submission service at Felina Valencia

Have you ever practiced submission or domination? If this is a subject that attracts you but you have never had the chance to give it a try, maybe it’s about time you went for it. Theescorts working at Felina Valenciaescorts working at Felina Valencia offer this service. Get in touch with us and we will tell you with whom of them you can put it into practice!

The submission practice is not very widespread. It is usually confused with sadomasochism, since the line that separates these types of domination is quite fine. For instance, sexual pleasure in sadomasochism is achieved by either infringing or bearing physical pain, thereby being characterized for reaching the arousal.

Submission doesn’t need physical contact: it is concerned with the attitude. The domineering person or the person receiving the orders derives his/her sexual pleasure from such role. Whether one is submissive or dominating, the important thing is to be carried away by the situation and follow the orders given by the dominating partner.



There are few escorts at Felina Valencia who engage in this practice. Do you want to know some of the girls with whom you can practice it?

Escorts in Valencia with submissive service

Sexual submission or domination is an art and it must be agreed by both parties. Therefore, it is very important for you to have a good understanding with the escort with whom you engage in this practice, since she will be the partner of your fantasies.

We are going to tell you with whom you can hire the submissive service:


Débora is one of the sexiest and, more than anything else, open-minded escorts in Valencia. Thus, you can make your sexual fantasies come true with her. This luxury whore is a blend of emotions: besides being horny, she also turns out to be extremely sweet and loving, with a touch of audacity and a lot of curiosity.


Mayra is one of the most explosive luxury escorts in Valencia: she is seduction personified. Her body is replete with curves and you will be left open-mouthed as soon as you see her. Her big boobs and daring looks will tempt you to know her in private.


María will mesmerize you right from the first time you get to know her. Her sweet, passionate and loving nature makes her the ideal partner for engaging in the submissive service. Furthermore, her body will leave you gasping for breath: big tits, soft skin and captivating look. She is one escort in Valencia you must know.


Do you want to know more girls who provide the submission service? You can see it by clicking here. You can also come and know us by booking a date on the phone number +34 677 000 222 or by sending us an email to We will be delighted to receive you if you prefer to come and know the ladies in person!

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