The 12 chimes at Felina Valencia

Chimes at Felina Valencia

That time of year comes, loved by many and hated by many others. They are family days, with many events and a lot of organization. You have every right to end up exhausted and that is why from Felina Valencia we encourage you to look out for yourself and decide to spend a unique New Year's Eve with our escorts in Valencia.

Surely you want the last night of the year to be also the hottest, saying goodbye to the year with a good sexual relationship with one of our prostitutes in Valencia. Our relaxation floor can be the most intimate and special setting for such a pleasure-filled meeting. Is there anything better than welcoming the New Year by toasting with a good champagne with one of our escorts? A perfectly conditioned room, a good bed, good mirrors in which to see yourself reflected and a large glass shower in which everything is uncovered.

The champagne is very cold and our prostitutes in Valencia are very hot. Imagine them with a sexy dress, heart attack underwear and all their wishes as a gift to say goodbye and receive the year. Receive 2014 in an original way with our escorts in Valencia, the most magical night will be your best night.

If fantasies are your thing, why not thematize your sexual encounter? Our girls know how to please you and they know that if a client comes to say goodbye to the year in our relax apartment, they must guarantee a magical and special night. The elegant and sexy decoration of our rooms, the perfect lighting, the soft music in the background if you wish, and the bed fabrics. Small details that will transfer you completely.

On such a special night you cannot miss the sexual accessories if what you want is to enjoy and make our prostitutes in Valencia enjoy. Do not hesitate to call us and tell us what you want to try, we will be happy to satisfy your wishes and that in this way you can spend a formidable night.

Not everything at the end of the year is going out to places full of people to dance until dawn, if that is what you like, go ahead. But we guarantee that no drug that you can find at night will give you the same adrenaline that having paid sex with one of our beauties can offer you. There is nothing better than starting the year on the right foot and that we can assure you in a sexually active and very rewarding way with one of our prostitutes in Valencia.

It is time for you to think about yourself and your pleasure, you deserve it. Don't stay locked up at home on one of the most magical nights of the year and come to Felina Valencia to toast with our girls. They will be delighted that you pay them a visit on such a special night. There is no doubt that they will know how to reward you with all their sexual art. You know, toast to a New Year that is about to begin and say goodbye to this having professional sex with one of our prostitutes in Valencia.

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Line 5 & 7 - Aragon Station.

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A 10-minute taxi ride from downtown Valencia. Beware of taxi drivers. Some of them may try to take you another brothel or club in lieu of a commission. Kindly remember that our brothel is never closed.