Burning fetishes to try with escorts at Felina Valencia

The hottest fetishes at Felina Valencia

Many of our sexual desires, fantasies, or fetishes come from our sexual development in childhood and puberty. As we grow, other aspects such as beliefs, religions, culture influence. These factors make us repress them or not.

But do we want to repress our sexual fantasies and fetishes? The answer is no! And we understand this at Felina Valencia. We know that being able to express what our sexual desires are leads to full sexuality and consequently to the best moments of ecstasy and pleasure. The types of fetishes are endless and range from body parts, clothing accessories, to practices such as BDSM.

These are an essential part of the sexuality of a fetishist, the acts or fixations by specific objects that make us reach the maximum point of pleasure in which mental arousal is more important than bodily excitement. Of course, it depends on the type of fetish.

In this post we will present the 7 most ardent fetishes that you can try with escorts at Felina Valencia.

1. Foot fetish (Podophilia)

Podophilia is one of the most common and most exciting fetishes from the simplest practice that introduces direct observation of this part of the body to direct contact through erotic foot massages, or feeling this part of the body in the mouth through through kissing or licking. These can create a moment of extreme pleasure for lovers of podophilia.

2. Fetish for high-heeled shoes or boots (Retifism)

This is one of the favorite fetishes among the escorts of Felina Valencia, and it is that who does not like to see a escort in high heels? As a woman she makes you feel safe and for short escorts she is an ace up their sleeves. These are also part of sexual fetishes, the feeling of attraction to footwear is closely linked to podopholia and is called retifism. Although it sounds strange, it is very frequent so much that it has subparaphilias such as altocalcifilia, which is the fetishism for high heels.

Seeing an escort completely naked in boots or stiletto sandals can be the most exciting and pleasant image for a fetishist.

3. Leather fetish

Without a doubt, leather in any of its presentations is a material with a sexy appearance. Now imagine that material on the body of an escort in Valencia?

The colors black and red are the most used for the sexual accessories of this fetish and it is one of the materials associated with BDSM practices. The leather fetish It goes beyond just a garment, that is why there are clubs and hotels in various parts of the world that direct their attention to this type of fetish. You doubt it? Visit Berlin and you will discover why it is called the city of leather.

4. Fetish for tattoos and piercing (Stigmatophilia)

Every day it is more common to see young people, adults and escorts with tattoos in Valencia , from small tattoos to body art, this ancestral practice has become the lifestyle of many people and the best of fetishes for others, as is the case of stigmatophilic people: Scars, wounds or marks are also white spots of visual excitement for those who enjoy this fetish.

It is interesting that people who appreciate this art in sex do not necessarily have tattoos or piercings on their body, their excitement leads to the visualization and touch of these.

At Felina Valencia you can find escorts with piercings and tattoos. Don't let it be a visual stimulus!

5. Voyeurism

Also known as voyeurism, this is technically called the exciting practice of observing others in intimate situations, naked or observing the sexual relationship, the fear of being discovered is the emotion that enhances the excitement of a voyeur.

Can't you imagine how exciting and stimulating it can be to see and hear an escort having an intimate moment, masturbation or sex with another of her partners? You should stop imagining and as a good voyeur, move on to observe.

6. Fetish for lingerie

Corset preliminaries, garters and sexy lingerie always come in handy, they become the perfect visual preliminary.

The Lingerie is undoubtedly a source of imagination and sensuality, like not becoming a fan of this fetish if even in erotic literature it becomes the starting point to recreate the imagination. Using it generates self-esteem for those who possess it and excitement for the fetishist who has the contact, vision and even the desire to use these garments.

Its textures, colors and even smells represent intimacy and create excitement, visual, tactile or olfactory depending on the type of fetishist.

7. Urine fetish (urolagnia or golden shower)

Its colloquial name is "golden shower", although it is not well known. However, those who practice it feel extreme satisfaction when urinating on themselves or letting their partner urinate is very common in BDSM practitioners.


If something is clear to us with this post, it is that to taste the colors and Felina Valencia has a palette with all of them.

These are just some of the hottest fetishes you can try with a prostitute at Felina Valencia. It is important for a better sexual experience to talk in advance about the desires and fetishes that we desire to achieve an incomparable night of pleasure.

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