The importance of foreplay

Games prior to the intercourse

Foreplay is important; it helps to reach more intense orgasms

Sex is usually perceived to be exclusively related with the genitals, but to light the fire one has to first light the fuse. We are used to, even in medical jargon, the fact that having a complete sexual relation is synonymous with engaging in an intercourse. It is a solely physical measure but, what about the pleasure? Sexual relation doesn’t start at the time of penetration but rather a long before that, with the foreplay.

Those games prior to the penetration are not just important to maintain the passion between the partners, but also to prepare the girl for achieving the orgasm. Unless one is in a hurry to have an intercourse, it is recommended for both the physical and emotional health to set the ground with foreplay before the intimate rendezvous. She won’t just lubricate better but there will also be a greater feeling between the two partners.

A complete sexual relation is a satisfactory sexual relation

The goal of the foreplay is to arouse the other person in the sexiest way possible to heat up the environment. Games and seduction are nice weapons for awakening the libido. Generally people like to start by caressing and kissing their partner’s entire body: face, earlobe, neck, back, belly… The skin is the most extensive organ of the human body and there is no pore that can resist an erotic massage. Aromatic oils, invigorating creams or even edibles that will make your sexual desire go up at high speed. But, what else can we do before getting into action?


Erotic games. Imagination is the best sex toy that is there and that is why one just doesn’t have to focus on the sense of touch when it comes to sex. Try turning off the lights to be in complete darkness, or blindfolding your partner. You will accentuate your sense of hearing or even the sense of smell, or will undress each other. A nice trick is to take off the clothes, stop, look at the nude body and let one get impatient before taking off another layer, and then another…

Sex toys. Rings, love eggs, ben wa balls, dildos, handcuffs… there are many interesting options for both the partners. Maybe a visit to a sex shop can become quite an interesting foreplay in itself. No sooner you reach home than the two of you will be eager to show off your new acquisitions to each other.

Trying out a new place. Dare to break away from the monotony by innovating. There are other places in the house (and even outside it) where you can start your night of passion.

How long must foreplays last?

It is not about going through the process but rather about keeping on trying and repeating what works for you. The trust between partners is something basic. Talking about what leads to the maximum pleasure or what you like the least is essential to enjoy sex without taboos and to the fullest. That is why it will depend on the time and person, and hence there is no “estimated” duration.

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