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Christmas is a time of the year that is especially full of family reunions. However, despite the family atmosphere and plentiful meals, it is an established fact that sexual desire increases greatly during this festive season.

According to the expert psychologist and sexologist Susana Cañellas, the reason due to which sexual desire increases on Christmas is motivated by the feelings awakened in us by this and other festivals. If on the one hand sadness and depression lead to a fall in sexual desire, on the other hand the love and joy that are typical of Christmas clearly influence the hike in sexual motivations. In particular, singles tend to feel this need, and the reason behind this is the atmosphere of love and bonding that prevails during Christmas, in contrast to the one that prevails for the remaining part of the year.

Another aspect that leads to the increase of sexual relationships on Christmas is that a lot of people use sex as a means of relieving the stress accumulated throughout the year, thereby making use of this holiday season to relax and relive all that tension.

If you also feel an increased sexual desire with the arrival of Christmas but do not have a partner, do not worry. At Felina Valencia you can come across professional sluts who know how to satiate and relax their lovers in the best possible manner without any worries or headaches, and always with utmost inconspicuousness.

Luxurious company for your Christmas in Valencia

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This week we are specially introducing you to two new Brazilian girls who recently came to Felina Valencia and are available for every single Christmas to come:

Chloe, cheerful and exciting slut who, thanks to her body, sensuality typical of Brazilian girls and sweetness, is an ideal girl for having a sexual fling in Valencia. She also provides the partner service for dinners and events.

Michelle, a very hot and naughty girl. She is an escort who likes to experiment with new erotic games and find out new ways of enjoying to attain real pleasure. Michelle lives sex without any taboos and provides her services to women and couples as well.

These are only two of the luxury whores you can meet at Felina Valencia. Some sluts, for reasons concerning privacy, do not have their pics on our website, due to which we recommend you to come and meet them in person and discover new and hidden treasures.

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