Tips for quarantining without escorts

Tips for quarantining without escorts

The days of quarantine have extended and it seems that we have to reinvent ourselves to find new forms of entertainment and, why not, to enjoy sex. If you run out of ideas, don't worry, from Felina Valencia we will give you a hand ... regarding sex, of course.

Hardly anything compares to having a sexual experience with an escort inside our dating house, but it is important to know that sex, alone or with others, helps us free our minds within these many free hours we are having.

Prepare your cup of tea or coffee and make yourself comfortable to read our tips on how to survive the escort-free quarantine.

Erotic games with your partner during quarantine

Many times, we stop trying new things in intimacy with our partner due to lack of time, tiredness, stress, etc. Take advantage of these days when you have many free moments and try the fantasies you always wanted with your partner.

How about you propose to do a role play in a BDSM session? There are still couples who do not know how morbid this can be. The idea of this erotic game is to decide who will be dominant, who will be submissive and agree on the rules of the game.

The important thing is to focus on the role to be played, for this, the clothing and the elements to use play an important role. In your closet you may have something that can work for a role of teacher-student, boss-secretary, doctor-patient, etc. Check our post where we propose you very funny sexual roles to play with your partner.

In sex role play, the most exciting element is the power that one person exercises over the other, you can use a scarf as a gag, an eye cover to deprive him of vision or even a soft cloth to immobilize his arms and legs , the limit is your imagination.

If you do not know very well how to start a session with erotic role-playing games, here we give you the keys to BDSM for beginners.

On the other hand, and since it is fashionable to exercise at home, how about combining it with sex? You can enjoy a very exciting sexual encounter with your partner and be fit at the same time with our Sexercise manual: sex and exercise all in one.

If your partner is far...

Do not panic! There are many ways to continue to keep the flame burning in this period of confinement, and this is where we bless cybersex. An erotic video call can be something very fun, exciting and turn your relationship around.

Turn on both the webcam, ask your partner to put on sexy clothes or lingerie and do some sensual dancing. You can give him directions on what you would like him to do and vice versa.

A very exciting element to incorporate into the session could be a vibrator. If you don't have one, don't worry, online shopping is still active. You can get one of these vibrators with wireless controls in which you can control the intensity even from a distance. Surprise your partner in this quarantine by sending one.

If you are home alone...

Being alone at home can be overwhelming at times, but it's also a good time to discover new things that you are passionate about, and yes, we are also talking about sex. We give you some ideas.

Try looking for a video or audio with masturbation instructions, in them, a voice will tell you what to do, at what speed to go, for how long, etc. Put on your headphones and get ready to dive into a new dimension of pleasure.

Another thing that many men have no idea that can be very exciting is putting a vibrator over the testicles and perineum. You can't imagine how pleasant it is! But be careful, we do not want you to steal the vibrators from your partner later.

In short, whether you are alone or accompanied, we also leave you these tips so that you are the best in bed, the important thing is that you do not stop enjoying your sexuality and always open yourself to trying new things. It may be your escape and relaxation route during these days.

For now, we only have to ask you #StayAtHome so that you can soon enjoy a sexual experience from another world in Felina Valencia.

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