What types of clients visit Felina Valencia?

Types of clients in Valencia

There are countless reasons why people visit a brothel in search of the company of a beautiful escort. And while some clients are simply looking for a good time, be it for sex, intimate contact, etc., the desires that motivate clients to visit our establishment are as varied as the clients themselves.

All sorts of different people walk through our doors every day, and the escorts who collaborate with Felina Valencia are always ready to welcome them with a smile, regardless of age, lifestyle, personal interests, sexual preferences...Everyone has their own unique erotic fantasies, and luxury escorts in Valencia are skilled at satisfying them all.

The amateur

One type of regular client is a virgin, someone who has never had sex, or someone who has done it before and wants to learn more about women and how to be better at sex. The escorts who collaborate with us can provide that element of mutual understanding: the client wants to know what a women likes so that he can later apply it to his personal relationships. He wants to know the secrets to good sex and learn how to put them into practice. With an escort, this type of client finds the answers he’s been searching for and truly begins his sexual awakening.

The fantasizer

Sex should no longer be taboo in today’s more progressive society. Yet despite the advances made, many people are still unprepared or don’t know how to talk openly about their sexual fantasies and fetishes. BDSM and role play are only two of the most common sexual fantasies for men, however, many hesitate to brings these fantasies to life with women who aren’t sex workers, out of embarrassment or fear of being judged.

The high-class escorts who collaborate with Felina Valencia are delighted to talk about any and all fantasies and make even the darkest dreams come true. That said, not all escorts offer the same services, and clients should make sure that they make a date with a woman willing to participate in the specific sexual act of their dreams. A good option is to ask the staff for customized recommendations before choosing an escort in order to ensure that all your desires and needs are met.

The adventurer

Many lovers and people who pride themselves on being good at sex come to Felina Valencia looking for professionals with whom they can explore the limits of pleasure, visiting sex workers for the opportunity to try new things in a completely free environment. And the high-class escorts in Valencia love to welcome these clients who allow them to unleash their creativity.

These are both single and married men; a new and exciting sexual experience often helps married men find that spark to reignite a marriage that has fallen into a rut.

The insecure

Sex has countless health benefits: it decreases blood pressure, reduces stress levels, is good exercise, helps reduce pain…and it also increases our self-esteem. And while this might not seem like something directly tied to health, numerous studies indicate that self-confident people who see life in a positive light tend to get sick less and get well more quickly and easily.

Sex makes people feel attractive, desired, and that gives self-confidence a major boost. Many people are in constant fear of being “behind the times” when it comes to sex, and having a date with an escort can be just the injection of self-esteem they need to get over their fear.

The stressed businessman

Many of our escorts’ clients are entrepreneurs who lead a busy life, with such a packed schedule that time off or a vacation are practically impossible. And many of these clients tell us that they get a release with escorts that they never feel with just masturbation. A date with a luxury escort can give these businessmen just the well-deserved break they need, paired with an unparalleled pleasure that works as a powerful barrier against stress.

We also welcome a large number of domestic and foreign tourists who are in the city on a business trip, or even on vacation, and want to meet Valencia’s top escorts.

The romantic

The GFE (Girlfriend Experience) is one of the most requested services for a number of reasons, from clients who want to have a girlfriend for the night to those who want take a date to a company dinner to clients who are going to a class reunion and want to show up with a ravishing girlfriend on their arm.

The groom

Some of the clients who visit the escorts who collaborate with Felina Valencia are men about to get married, who want have a last bachelor celebration in style by trying a service they’ve never experienced before with a professional sex worker. And many of the men who visit Felina Barcelona are friends out celebrating the bachelor party.


While they aren’t the first type that comes to mind when one thinks of escort clients, the truth is that many women come to Felina Valencia in search of high-class escort services. In fact, the lesbian experience is one of the favorite services of many of the girls who collaborate with Felina Valencia, who are delighted to have a date with other women seeking to discover new sexual experiences.

Like men, women also need to de-stress, increase their self-esteem, push their sexual boundaries, discover new experiences and make their fantasies come to life. And all of them are welcome.

Make a date now

Perhaps you’re like one of the profiles we’ve described, or maybe you don’t easily fit under any label. Either way, you can find exactly what you’re looking for with the beautiful escorts who collaborate with Felina Valencia. Simply check out their descriptions on our website and decide which escort you’d like to see.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We looking forward to helping you.

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