Duplex with escorts in Valencia

A duplex is a sexual relationship between the client and two women who are bisexual or heterosexual. As opposed to lesbian threesome, the whores do not have sex with each other but only with the client in case of a duplex.

Escorts providing Duplex

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Duplex with escorts

There are different ways of having duplex sex. It is important for all the members to take part so as to ensure a pleasant sexual relationship:

- The client has sex with a whore while the other gives him a blowjob.

- Both the escorts lick the client's ass while having oral sex with him.

- A slut has oral sex with the client while the latter has oral sex with the other slut.

It is important for the client to use a separate condom for every girl if he wishes to have sex first with one escort and then with the other. Hygiene is paramount both on and off the premises of Felina Valencia.

All rooms of Felina Valencia have a huge bed where three and four peoples can fit in easily besides a spacious shower and big mirrors across the room to look from different angles.

If you wish to hire the duplex service with two escorts at Felina Valencia, you are advised to first choose an escort and then ask her about whom she would want as her partner. The escorts get along better with some escorts than with some others. Customer satisfaction is assured if the escorts have a good understanding with each other.

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