Erotic massages

Erotic massages

Erotic massages or tantric massages, unlike muscle massages that relax the body and muscles, deal with arousing the body and senses until the man or the woman has an orgasm. In this case, the end does not matter as much as the arousal to achieve that end.

There are many names for erotic massages: tantric massages, tantra massage, happy ending massages, nude massages, naturist massages.

The erogenous zones are worked on while giving an erotic massage, stimulating them for arousing the client more and more.

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Types of erotic massages

Depending on the degree of stimulation and interaction with the masseuse, that is, whether she is naked or not, there are different types of erotic massages… Below are some of the most known sensual massages:

- Mutual massage: The massage in which the client is massaged by the masseuse and massages the masseuse, generally at the same time.

- Nuru massage: It is known so due to the use of a water-based gel called 'Nuru'. It is a highly slippery gel that facilitates body slip.

- Body to body massage: It is concerned with an erotic massage in which the masseuse uses her entire body to massage the client's body.

At Felina Valencia we have some escorts that offer the erotic massage service. The escort generally performs the massage after undressing completely, and uses her body to caress and massage the client's body: chest, legs, hands…

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