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Partner escorts are luxury prostitutes who, besides providing the sex services to their customers, offer the partner service for dinners, events, social gatherings or even trips. There are many terms used to refer to women providing this kind of service, such as: escort, partner, mistress, or even call girl.

The escorts offering the partner service are usually well-mannered, attractive girls with high ability to adapt. They are not usually visible to the general public like in a street or at some club, nor do they stay at a fixed place. These professional women often work independently or collaborate with escorting agencies or brothels.

Most of the partner escorts advertise their services on the websites of brothels, agencies, directories, forums and use all types of online marketing or publicity. Thus, the client has to book a date beforehand by calling or sending an email. However, brothels also allow the customer to come over and meet several mistresses in person.

Escorts providing Escorting

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Partner escorts at Felina Valencia

There are many men or even women who are looking for a partner for having a date that transcends sex and eroticism. At Felina Valencia, there are many sluts who, besides the sex services, offer the partner service to their customers. They are women who know how to adapt to any type of situation. They are perfect for having a drink with and spending a romantic or business evening. On this very website, you can come across all the ladies providing the partner service.

During the date, the partner escorts will dress up discreetly and maintain a nice chat, behaving with class and manners, whatever the event. These partner girls are exciting and attractive girls who can impress men and women alike. Besides guaranteeing a nice and luxurious service, at the end of the date all of them provide a complete sex session, one that will make the evening a complete and enjoyable experience. The sex services offered subsequently shall depend on the chosen prostitute’s preferences and specific offer: kisses, anal sex, oral sex… that’s why we recommend asking the escort about the sex services she has on offer, thus ensuring an excellent and misunderstanding-free sexual relationship.

On the other hand, there are customers who can turn to a partner escort with the sole intention of having a chat or an experience with an attractive and interesting woman sans any sexual relations.

Depending on the partner escort, services can be provided at specific places such as private apartments, hotel rooms, home or flats, besides the service of dropping by at the client’s home. In short, the services offered are very extensive, just like the customers’ demands and preferences.

The hourly price of the partner service is the same as an evening at Felina Valencia, though the mistress’ two-way taxi fare to the agreed place must be added thereto.

If the hired partner escort service exceeds 6 hours, you will be able to avail the discounts we have on offer. For long stays, the date must be booked in advance to ensure the partner’s availability, besides making the service payment in advance. These services are only provided inside the city of Valencia.

For more information about the rates of escorts or partner girls, and the following procedure, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by calling on +34 677 000 222 or by filling up our contact form.

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