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Escort girls in Valencia are an exclusive option for those who are looking for elegant and sophisticated company on various occasions, from intimate dinners to high-level social events. These luxury escorts stand out for their refinement, beauty and ability to adapt to any environment. Unlike other ways of finding companionship, escort girls in Valencia usually operate in a discreet and professional way.

Usually, these escort professionals work independently or in partnership with agencies specializing in escort and escort services. Some also choose to collaborate with reputable brothels, where they can offer their services in a more organized and secure way.

For those who want to hire the services of escort girls in Valencia you just have to contact us and we will inform you. 

In addition, we offer the possibility of visiting our erotic salon to meet the escort girls in person and select the one that best suits your preferences and needs.

If you are looking for a unique experience and first-class accompaniment girls in Valencia, do not hesitate to contact our escort girls. We guarantee discretion, elegance and exceptional service at every meeting. Make your fantasies come true and book your appointment today!

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There are many men, or even women, who are looking for a companion escort in Valencia for a date. At Felina Valencia, there are many escorts who offer the companion service to their clients. They are women who know how to adapt to any situation, perfect for having a drink and spending a romantic evening in society. On this same page, you can find all those ladies who provide the companion service.

During the date, the companions in Valencia will dress discreetly and engage in a good conversation, behaving with class and education, regardless of the event. These companions are fun and attractive women who can impress both men and women. In addition to guaranteeing a luxurious and pleasant companion service, escorts offer other services such as Girlfriend Experience, hotel or home visits, striptease, and erotic massages, among others. The services offered will depend on the preferences and the offer of the chosen escort. Therefore, we recommend asking the escort about the services she offers, ensuring an excellent experience without any misunderstanding.


Depending on the escort, companion services can be offered for a dinner, meeting, or important social event, as well as in specific places such as private apartments, hotels, or the client's residence. In short, the services offered are very broad, as are the demands and preferences of clients.

In addition to the escort's fee, the taxi fare to and from the agreed location must be paid.

For long stays, you should book the appointment in advance to ensure the availability of the lady. These services are only available in Valencia city.

For more information about the rates of luxury companion escorts in Valencia and the procedure to follow, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.


At Felina VLC, you will find companion escorts in Valencia, but if you fancy any other service, you can find information here:

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