Sexual services

Sexual services in Valencia

The main aim of Felina Valencia is to facilitate the contact between you and the escort girls who rent our rooms, thereby offering an inconspicuous place full of comforts and services.

All escorts that you come across provide various sex services to men, women and couples. The sexual fantasies of our clients are made a reality during a discreet and liberal rendezvous. Although many a times the escorts in Felina Valencia cater to the requests that go beyond a simple sexual relationship like accompanying their clients for dinners, parties, meetings or social gatherings, some call girls who are available may also engage in visits to swap clubs.

Our experience in the luxury prostitution industry in Valencia ensures the seriousness and quality of the services offered by the escorts who choose to work with us. Felina, at all times, guarantees the complete anonymity of the client and utmost inconspicuousness of his/her sexual preferences.

All escorts at Felina Valencia engage in a basic sex service that consists of an erotic shower, a complete sexual relationship, and a relaxing erotic massage. The natural French service is also included in the price, depending on whether the escort provides this service or not. You are advised to inquire if they provide a particular service or not at the time of negotiating the rates with them.

The additional sex services provided by all the escorts are striptease, costumes, erotic games, sex toys and duplex. Other more specific services are determined on the basis of the sexual preferences of each girl in particular, with you having the option to look up their availability in their complete profile.

We always advise the clients interested in a specific service to inquire the same from the receptionist, who will advise and introduce you to the most appropriate escorts.

Apart from the sex services offered by the mistresses, our brothel offers an elegant, discreet and hygienic experience: luxurious rooms with private washroom, clean towels and bed sheets for every rendezvous, a lot of mirrors, huge double beds and the chance of having a bottle of champagne or any other drink.

Escorts Rates

All the girls working with us are free to set their prices for partner and/or call girl services in Valencia. They usually agree on common rates of 80€ for 30 minutes, 100€ for 45 minutes and 130€ for 1 hour, varying according to the sex services. You are advised to call us on +34 677 000 222 or send us an email at and the receptionist will immediately apprise you of the rates of all escorts of your interest.

The basic price of a date with an escort includes an erotic shower, a sexual relationship and an erotic massage. For other specific requests, the escort herself will inform you about the additional cost of the service. Kindly bear in mind that each mistress fixes her own rate, sex services provided by her and conditions of a date with her.

The payment can be made with both a credit card and in cash. In case of home or hotel services, kindly apprise the receptionist of the mode of payment so as to carry the dataphone. We accept euro, pound and dollars.

Visit us in Valencia


Naturalista Rafael Cisternas Street, 6B
Street level 46010 Valencia

+34 961 053 154 / +34 677 000 222

Line 5 & 7 - Aragon Station.

10, 12, 32, 71, 80 and N1.

Parking close.

A 10-minute taxi ride from downtown Valencia. Beware of taxi drivers. Some of them may try to take you another brothel or club in lieu of a commission. Kindly remember that our brothel is never closed.

ESTAMOS ABIERTOS Be careful with taxi drivers. Some of them may try to take you another brothel or club because they work on commission. Please kindly remember that Felina Valencia is never closed. ×
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