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What is the hotel outcall service?

The hotel outcall service is the same service that is provided at Felina Valencia, but in this case the escort is the one who visits the client and not the vice-versa. Whether because of privacy- or comfort-related reasons, there are more and more customers who prefer the prostitute to drop by at their hotel rooms.

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How to ask for the hotel outcall service at Felina Valencia?

The mistresses providing the hotel outcall service at Felina Valencia perform outcalls on any time of the day or night on all days of the week, including public holidays. They only visit hotels located inside the city of Valencia. The time in advance when the customer must ask for the date will depend on whether or not the escort is available at that time.

For asking for the hotel outcall service, you need to make the booking at least one hour in advance. Besides the sex worker’s rate, you must also pay for the taxi fare for both ways. In order to confirm the reservation, the following information shall be requested from you:

  • Full name
  • Hotel address
  • Room number
  • Time of the date
  • Duration of the date
  • Hotel phone number

Half an hour prior to your date, the manager will call your room to verify the information and make sure that you are in your room. After the manager has confirmed your presence there, the escort will be on her way.

The girl will reach the room at the agreed time. She will be dressed very discreetly. Having a shower is mandatory once she enters the room. You can even have a complete erotic shower if you want. The prostitute will remind you of the sex services provided by her. You may never force her to perform the services she doesn’t wish to. If you wish to continue after the agreed time has elapsed, the escort will call up the manager to inform her about the same.

For choosing the girl, here you can come across many escorts with a public profile who provide the hotel outcall service. However, since many of the girls collaborating with us do not have an online profile, it is recommended to pay us a visit and meet all the ladies available for coming over to your hotel room. If the girl of your choice is not available, the manager will recommend you the girls with similar profiles. We shall never send a girl who has not been chosen by you.

Escort for hotel outcalls at Felina Valencia

As we said, the escorts working in collaboration with Felina Valencia and providing the hotel outcall service perform this service only inside the city of Valencia. They shall not provide this service outside the city in any case whatsoever.

The hotel outcall service has a minimum duration of one hour and includes the basic service, erotic shower, erotic massage and a complete sex session. If you wish to hire another service or have some special request for the escort, it is necessary to bring the same to the manager’s notice in advance so that she can inform the girls providing the concerned service and let you know if it entails an additional charge.

You will find below the escorts at Felina Valencia who provide the hotel outcall service. Every prostitute has a personal profile in which you can read her description, see her photos, if she has posted any, and check out the other services she has on offer. If the girls haven’t shared their photos on the website, we would like to remind you that you can come and personally meet her on our premises without any commitments.

If you wish to make a reservation with an escort performing hotel outcalls or need more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us through our web form or by calling us on +34 677 000 222.

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