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Home outcalls: escort Felina Valencia

At Felina Valencia you will come across whores providing home and hotel outcall service. The rate of home service is the same as for our luxurious brothel, plus the cost of taxi fare. There are many men who, for reasons concerning comfort and discretion, ask the escort to come over to their apartment. In such a case, at Felina Valencia they can choose among a greater number of sluts engaging in home outcalls.

Escorts providing Home Outcall

Girl for erotic massages with a happy ending: Isabella
Mature Latina escort for sex in Valencia in a white dress, Consuelo
High-class black prostitute with natural breasts in Barcelona, Cataleya
Mature high-class prostitute in Valencia in black lingerie, Luna
Busty luxury partner in black lingerie in Valencia: Celeste
Girls for paid sex in Valencia: Sara
Brunette Bulgarian luxury whore in red gown for hotel outcalls in Valencia: Maya
Spanish hooker with real boobs in Valencia in black lingerie and heels, Brenda

Home outcalls in Valencia

In order to book, it is important to give detailed information of your home: name of the client, house address and landline number. After booking, the receptionist will call so as to verify the information furnished by you.

In no case shall we provide the home outcall service to addresses with no landline. A landline number is required to verify the address.

Here you can find many escorts with a public profile providing home outcall services. However, many whores working with us do not have an online profile. It is for this reason that we always advise our clients to pay us a visit and know all the girls available for the home outcall service. In the event of the slut of your choice not being available, the receptionist may check out similar profiles. In no case shall we send a hooker that has not been approved by you.

The prostitute will come to the place of meeting at the agreed time. She will be dressed discreetly from outside and will be wearing sexy lingerie as an underclothing. She will have an erotic shower with you at your place before having sex.

If you wish to have more information about the home outcall service, call us without any obligations whatsoever on +34 677 000 222 or using our contact form.

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