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The term lesbian is used to refer to a woman who is attracted to another woman, also called female homosexuality. The lesbian relationship has the same needs as the heterosexual one, that means they need to have sexual relations with a woman.

Unlike the bisexual person, lesbians do not have any kind of sexual attraction to men.

At Felina Valencia there are many bisexual escorts who offer the lesbian show or lesbian threesome in Valencia, a sexual relationship between two women in front of one or more men. This show can be in public or in private in which the man can participate in the sexual relationship.

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Threesome with a lesbian relationship at Felina Valencia

For vaginal penetration between two lesbians, sex toys are usually used to replace the man's member. These sex toys include strap-ons, dildos and vibrators and they cause great pleasure when combined with oral sex or clitoral stimulation. This alternation of toy and oral sex will cause both of them to enjoy sex.

Many women, when reaching climax, can chain an orgasm with others if they still feel stimulated, contrary to men who need to rest. Multi-orgasm can be provoked by stimulating the clitoris with oral sex or with the hand.

In lesbian couples it is not necessary for one of them to play the role of man and the other that of woman. At Felina Valencia , all the bisexual escorts who offer the lesbian show are very feminine and very attractive.

If you want to hire the lesbian service, we recommend that you select only one miss and that she introduces you to the partners with whom you understand better sexually. The more rapport, the more pleasure guaranteed.

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