Bachelor parties in Valencia

Bachelor party

Are you about to tie the knot? Is one of your buddies going to get married with his lifelong girlfriend? If your answer is an affirmative, at Felina Valencia we have a very sexy alternative for your bachelor party to be unique with the escorts working at our brothel.

Bachelor parties are usually wild and intense in the sense that the main goal is to have as nice a time as possible. Laughter, arousal, licentiousness and especially… a lot of lust!

Everything is fair in such parties, and when we say everything, we mean everything. It is the “farewell” to what one cannot or shouldn’t do after marriage; in other words, the forbidden. And what better way of bidding adieu to it than in a fantastic event at our whorehouse Felina Valencia? We assure you that our imagination is limitless so that you can have a great time along with your friends and the to-be hubby.

What is done at Felina Valencia for your bachelor party?

Bachelor parties are usually mythical and legendary parties as illustrated in the movie, The Hangover. Do you want your or your best friend’s bachelor party to be a memorable one? At Felina Valencia, we hold the parties desired by the future husbands, and the kind of flings dreaded by the to-be wives.

At our whorehouse, you can organize an incredible bachelor party that will not go unnoticed by any member of your gang. We offer you the forbidden fruit of passion and accompany you on your path to sin for one last time with a beautiful mistress. But beware! We will never incite anything that is not desired to be performed.

Are you still curious about everything offered by our beautiful sex workers for bachelor parties at Felina Valencia? The escorts are young, bold and passionate girls who are eager to have fun. They will provide you with a night of madness and wildness, which neither you nor your friends could have imagined… there we go!


There is nothing more sensual than a nice erotic dance to the music’s rhythm, but be careful. The temperature will start rising. The escort will start to strip, taking off one cloth after another and making you a part of the dance at all times. Now all that remains to be done is for you to be seduced by the striptease.

Lesbian Show

That sexy dance has left a taste in your mouth and you want more… Don’t worry! The lesbian show is another one of Felina Valencia’s services.

This service consists of two bisexual escorts having sex with each other. The future husband and his friends will restrict themselves to watching and seeing what kind of sex is being offered to them by the girls, and to each other. But… which one would it be?

From oral sex between the two, passing through masturbation and ending in kisses, among other types of practices. It is quite sure that you will get turned on by seeing how two exotic girls confer lust and pleasure on each other.

Sexual Relations

But not everything ends there. You don’t know where to go and your temperature has reached such a degree which you can’t experience even on the sun. It has taken over your body. One of the biggest forbidden sins in marriage is getting laid with another woman, but… if you want to try another woman before getting bound by marriage, you can do it at Felina Valencia.

Another service offered during the bachelor parties is sexual relations wherein one of the escorts will have wild and hardcore sex with the client, or in other words the bridegroom.

What do you think? You are warned: our parties to mark the end of bachelorhood do not go unnoticed by anyone. So, dare to go for it and reserve this unforgettable and epic party in advance. That way we will assure you of the availability of space and girls.

If you are preparing your buddy’s bachelor party and want a new experience, you just have to contact Felina Valencia. We have your solution. Call us on +34 961 053 154 or +34677000222. You can also write to us at the email address or fill up our contact form.

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