Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our enormous experience in the prostitution industry enables us to learn and improve, thereby guaranteeing the best possible service to the client and our escort girls in Valencia. Our main objective is to provide a professional service of utmost quality to all clients who come to our bordello. In an industry where public information is very limited, there are many occasions when a lot of doubts come up concerning the following: the escorts themselves, sexual flings, partner or escort services, mode of payment, working of the brothel or the rules thereof.

In this section we deal with any of the frequently asked questions raised by our clients. If you have any other question or comment, do not hesitate in getting in touch with us, call +34 601 285 568 or using our contact form. We will cater to you as soon as possible.


When you have a date with an escort:

  1. Be polite and respectful.
  2. Let her know your needs, likes and dislikes. That is the only way of having a more pleasant and seamless experience.
  3. Have a shower and clean your erogenous zones well. In the event of the escort coming to your place, it is advisable to use your own soap and towel.
  4. Alcohol and other drugs may affect the judgment and lead to violent behavior, which is forbidden. Therefore, kindly keep their intake to as less as possible.
  5. Let her know the service you need as well as your budget.
  6. Pay the escort in advance, for we don't like to ask the client for money. Do it at your own discretion, for both your and our safety. The prices are NOT negotiable.
  7. Adhere to the agreed time limits. If you want to extend the same, kindly renegotiate the price.
  8. Have condoms and personal lubricants. Although we do have our own equipment, it is always advisable to have yours ready just in case.
  9. Do not question the need for using the condom: it's for your protection as well as for ours. They are a prerequisite for oral, vaginal and anal sex. It is non-negotiable.
  10. The concepts of “hard/soft", “impulsive/calm", “faster/slower" vary from person to person. Let the whore know what you mean by them.
  11. Bawdy conversations must be agreed beforehand with the escort. There are certain expressions that may make them feel uncomfortable. It is, therefore, best to talk it out in advance.
  12. The escorts are human beings like you.
  13. You must treat us with the same respect as you do with any other person and yourself.
  14. Trust is the foundation of any relationship, which includes a client-escort relationship as well. Do not worry about your experience, desires or limits. You can talk it all out with the escort and she will make you feel at ease.
  15. Don't take things for granted: talk it out. If you have a question: go ahead and ask it. Don't be afraid of letting us know what you want, what you don't want and what might make you feel uncomfortable.

Violence and disrespect are UNACCEPTABLE UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. They amount to aggressive behavior, which is a criminal offence punishable by law.

It is advised to call in order to book for the same week so as to assure oneself of the availability of the escort, whether at Felina or for a home or hotel outcall.

The escort herself will apprise you of her rates, depending on the duration (30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour). The rate is inclusive of: the room, erotic shower, sensual massage and sex session.

All the rates are meant for only one sex session. The second session shall have an additional price.

Felina Valencia is a brothel located at a very inconspicuous place, without any signs or labels indicating the services offered. The receptionists and escorts always act in the most discreet manner.

The escorts will charge the amount to you depending on the time agreed before every service, and the sex services decided by the two of you. They usually agree on common rates of 80€ for 30 minutes, 100€ for 45 minutes and 130€ for 1 hour, varying according to the sex services.

Yes, except for American Express. Felina Valencia also has an accredited bank ATM on site for completely legal and transparent cash withdrawal.

Most of the escorts at Felina Valencia do provide the hotel outcall service, though not all of them have their photos on our website. You can choose the escort on our website or by visiting us at Felina Valencia. The rates are the same for hotel outcalls, plus the cost of taxi fare.

Yes, the minimum hiring time for a service at Felina Valencia is 30 minutes.

Yes. Felina Valencia is open 24 hours a day and you can come whenever you want to. If you want to be with a specific escort, it is advisable to book her.

Yes, we accept Euros, dollars and pounds at Felina Valencia. Felina Valencia also has an accredited bank ATM on site for completely legal and transparent cash withdrawal.

At Felina Valencia we attend to both men and women, provided that they have attained the legal age (18 years). We do not differentiate among our clients. An escort is, however, entitled to refuse being with a particular person in some cases. We request our clients to come in good hygienic conditions. We reserve the right to not attend to clients who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

One may receive certain discounts from the escort(s) for a long-duration service (more than 6 hours).

Yes. However, we will call you so that you may choose another girl from our website if the chosen escort is unable to come.

Yes, we do have an access ramp and wide corridors that facilitate the use of a wheelchair.


Every escort sets her own rules and limits. The sexual relationship depends on individuals and every individual is different.

One must clearly tell beforehand the services one wants to receive. The receptionist will introduce you to the escorts who can provide the concerned services to you.

There are some escorts who provide some services depending on the rapport between them and the client. The escort will, in private, tell the services provided by her as well as her limits. These limits are non-negotiable and must be adhered to.

If the chosen escort does not offer the desired services:

  1. You may request a second round of introduction to the escorts from the receptionist.
  2. You may stay with the chosen escort while being aware of the services offered by her without disregarding the limits set by her.

This request never ceases to amaze us. The use of condoms is for the client's and escort's own well-being and protection. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are widespread and there is no way to know who might have one. It is, therefore, absolutely essential to use condoms at Felina Valencia: it protects our team of professionals as well as you. 

The body of an escort is her professional tool and is, therefore, cared for by her as must be done by sexually active persons with more than one sexual partner. At Felina Valencia we are aware of the importance of safe sex. Sexual relationships without adequate protection put the partners at the risk of an infection.

There is a minimal risk of contracting an STD or HIV after using a condom while having sex. The fact that they come in exchange for a certain amount of money does not change anything: we are professionals in the field of safe sex. If you have any doubts about the use of condoms, our escorts shall be much obliged to clarify them.

This depends on every escort and client. If there is something worrying you, you can sort it out with the same escort. If the escort does not greet you, we advise you to be discreet: some of them prefer not to be recognized out of work.

Nymphomania is a term used to describe the exaggerated dependence on sex, a disorder that jeopardizes the life of the person suffering from it. Many people believe that escorts are nymphomaniacs, for they have sex with great regularity. However, it is a part of their profession. They are not sex-addicts.

The intake of drugs does not have anything to do with sex.

The pimp of the imaginary group is the man controlling the escorts: their work and money. There are some escorts who work independently, collaborating with companies to share resources for example. Other escorts work with third persons, such as owners (men or women) of escorts' agencies or massage parlors. They offer protection, hygiene and industry knowledge: that is what Felina Valencia does.

The societal stereotype about pimp business is far from the reality of the activities Felina Valencia engages in.

Some escorts, for personal reasons, decide not to use their photographs in order to remain anonymous.

We are in touch with many men due to work-related reasons. Some of them are more respectful than some others. The ideal client is one who is respectful. Our profession influences our feelings towards men as well as our life experience. We do not hate men. We may, however, hate some of their attitudes.

Some of them do while others don't. It all depends on the client, escort girl and the rapport between them.

There are very widespread sexually transmitted diseases, which can be transmitted through sexual relationships, either oral, vaginal or anal, without the use of a condom. Your main concern should be to protect yourself and that's where the use of a condom assumes paramount importance.

We advise you to use condoms to maintain good sexual health.

At Felina Valencia we take the photos personally, and change or modify them on a daily basis depending on the staff of escorts. The pics are completely genuine, and with hardly any retouching.

Sexual activity is a work, an income-generating activity. The ladies do this work, most importantly, to earn money and make a living.

We conduct health tests every 3 months here at Felina Valencia. The escorts are the first ones to ask for the use of a condom from the clients so as to avoid the transmission of any type of disease and pregnancy.

You can see all the details of the services provided by the escorts by visiting their profiles on the website of Felina Valencia. If you come over to Felina, you can ask the receptionist to introduce you to only those escorts who provide the said service(s).

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