Valencia Motorcycle Grand Prix 2017

Valencia has been chosen once again for rounding off the Road Racing World Championship this year. From November 10 to 12, the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Cheste will host the Valencian Community Motorcycle Grand Prix 2017. This is certainly a date which no fan would want to miss out on. Are you travelling to Valencia to attend the last Grand Prix of the year? What are your post-race plans? We have a perfect one in store for you at Felina Valencia.

Halloween 2017 with escorts at Felina Valencia

Halloween is around the corner in Valencia! The most terrifying night of the year, on which all of us experience fear in the best possible way, has arrived. Do you have any plans for the Halloween in Valencia? Are you going to some Halloween party? Today we bring to you some fun facts about this special day of the year, so that you can share them with your friends. Keep reading!

Why pick up some whores?

Humanity’s oldest profession has always created a lot of controversy. Prostitution is unfairly associated with human trafficking and sexual exploitation, but they are different concepts that must be demarcated. Engaging in prostitution and being a sex slave is not at all the same thing, and at Felina we show our deepest rejection of whoever restricts the freedom of any human being.

Threesomes escorts in Valencia

Planning to have a threesome in Valencia? This is the most recurring sexual fantasy among Western men and women alike. A threesome is that famous ménage à trios, wherein three people have their own private party: lust, pleasure and sex, nay a lot of sex! You too must have surely thought about it on more than one occasion and now you are looking for a person and place for having a threesome. You were told about our whorehouse or just stumbled upon us on the Internet. And of course, you are now confused as hell after looking at the services offered by our escorts in Valencia because you do not know the difference between a duplex, a lesbian sex session and a threesome. These names have slight differences in prostitution argot, which is why today we are going to explain to you in detail the differences between these three services, which are one of the most highly demanded services by our customers.

Escorts in Valencia at Felina

We all think of sex at some point of the day and often when we least expect to, and it isn’t bad at all because who doesn’t like to enjoy the best sex? Who doesn’t like to fulfill his/her sexual fantasies? Well, for that you have our brothel at your disposal. At Felina Valencia you can enjoy with the best prostitutes in Valencia without worrying about anything because it has complete unobtrusiveness on offer. Unlike other brothels, at Felina Valencia we always provide the service regardless of where you are. In other words, if you are at your home or in your hotel room, you will be able to enjoy the visit of a stunning woman ready to fulfill your biggest fantasies.

Route of whores in Valencia

Do you know the best thing about Valencia? This city is evergreen, isn’t it? Its wide range of options promises the most animated plan. Shows, concerts, exhibitions, delicious food and a very appetizing climate… this is the plan we have for you at Felina Valencia! Keep reading.

Escorts for Sex in Valencia

There are many men and women who seek sex in Valencia, whether it is free sex chat, web pages or liberal clubs like paid sex in bordellos, cathouses, escorts’ agencies or web directories. Having sex has never been so easy in the recent history of Spain. The ever increasing distancing from the Catholic morals and the acceptance of sexual desire have been some of the reasons behind the change in the social dynamics regarding sex.

The festival of Saint John in Valencia 2017

What plans do you have for the Saint John’s Night in Valencia 2017? Have you already thought about where you will be celebrating this festival in which summer is welcomed? The beautiful prostitutes working at Felina Valencia will provide you with a very special night.

Pics of escorts in Valencia

At Felina Valencia we always have new prostitutes in Valencia and, along with them, the diverse new developments that aid in our continuous growth and evolution every day. Today we are going to talk about the new photos of escorts. Do you want to be informed of all the Valencia girls who posted their new photos? Let’s get started!

Fallas Valencia 2017

Very few days are left for the official start of the Fallas Valencia 2017. During the Fallas festival, the city gets flooded with acts and activities for all tastes. And what are your plans? Will you travel to Valencia for enjoying the Fallas 2017? Are you a local and want to have a special festival? Don’t lose out on what Felina Valencia has on offer for you.

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