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Burning fetishes to try with escorts at Felina Valencia

Many of our desires, sexual fantasies or fetishes come from the management of our sexual development in childhood and puberty. As we grow older, other aspects influence: Beliefs, religions, culture, these make us repress them or not.

Escorts in the era of Covid-19

Casual encounters and casual sex have changed radically in these times of pandemic. Covid-19 has made us reinvent ourselves in every way and has not gone unnoticed in the escort industry, where online or webcam sex have become the protagonists.

Anal Sex: how to enjoy it?

Anal sex is a practice like any other. Like vaginal or oral sex, it has multiple benefits. Sex is one of the most important things for the human being and it is excellent for improving health, it is the remedy for any pain.

Felina Valencia, reopened

After two months of confinement, it seems that the city of Valencia is gradually returning to normality. Phase 2 of the de-escalation allows working in premises with limited capacity. Thus, from Monday, June 1, the Felina Valencia will be open again.

Caresses, kisses and looks: Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

Each man is a world, and as for his sexual tastes there is nothing written. For this reason, at Felina Valencia we offer different services adapted to the demands of our clients. An example of these services, which in turn is one of the most demanded, is the " Girlfriend Experience ".

Tips for quarantining without escorts

The days of quarantine have extended and it seems that we have to reinvent ourselves to find new forms of entertainment and, why not, to enjoy sex. If you run out of ideas, don't worry, from Felina Valencia we will give you a hand...regarding sex, of course.

Measures against the coronavirus in Felina Valencia

From Felina Valencia we want to inform all our clients that, in accordance with the state of alarm decreed to stop the spread of the coronavirus , we have decided to join the leisure venues that will close their doors during the quarantine period in order to contribute to health. of all.

Felina Valencia: escort agency

When I started in the world of escorting, I went to an escort agency that is located in several cities. One of the advantages that I saw with the naked eye was that I had a telephone operator who directed my appointments with clients with whom I felt comfortable.

Enjoy New Years Eve with prostitutes in Valencia

Do you want to celebrate the new year with whores in Valencia? Do you want to start the year in the best possible way? At Felina Valencia we are preparing to celebrate the best New Year's Eve possible.

BDSM tips for beginners: dominant vs submissive

BDSM is a variety of erotic practices involving bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism. A sexual experience that’s all about dominance and submission, BDSM has become one of the services most requested by escort clients. And beyond the sex industry, increasingly more couples work elements of BDSM into their sex lives.

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