Fulfill your fantasies with RPGs

Fulfill your fantasies with RPGs

The main advantage of engaging in erotic roleplay games is the lack of inhibition. Playing another person’s role, whether real or imaginary, allows us to live a sexual fling more freely and give free rein to our desires without the fear of being judged.

Erotic games are many times practiced in BDSM contexts. For example, if you are thinking about the professor fantasy – student or police – the thief is clearly the most exciting element, being the power one person has over the other. However, the world of erotic RPGs is very wide, and it would be restrictive to say that it is a mere part of BDSM.

The only limit we have when we play a RPG is our imagination. The roles we can play are many and can represent real or imaginary situations or also the movies or TV series that we like.

Advices to experience new erotic Role-Play Games

Fantasy, lack of inhibition, costumes and planning are the 4 fundamental elements for your RPG to be exactly the way you want. Among the four, planning is the most important element. Being clear about the fantasies we like, and the ones we don’t, is essential to having a fully satisfactory experience.

After deciding the fantasy one wants to perform and after each partner knows the role he/she has to play, it is important to set the stage and dress up to take the role. After getting ready, you just need to start the game and let yourself be naturally driven by your imagination.

Below we propose 5 erotic roleplay games to have a spicier sexual fling:

Professor and student: It is one of the most well-known and probably the quintessential erotic game. A rebel student and a somewhat pervert professor, choose the most appropriate punishment for this girl.

Doctor and patient: A patient worried about her health and a sexy doctor who prescribes her an injection of love and pleasure. An arousing scene, which is easy to play and does not need a lot of efforts.

Thief and policewoman: It is an erotic RPG similar to the professor and student game, though it requires a somewhat higher level of submission. On the other hand, you can be the thief who tries to convince the policewoman to not arrest him. You choose.

Boss and secretary: Having sex with a colleague is a very common fantasy among both men and women, though it can bring with it some complications. If you don’t want to take risks, but it happens to be one of the most exciting fantasies for you, this erotic RPG is ideal for you.

Stockholm Syndrome: Kidnapping people is a daring erotic roleplay game, but if properly played, it can provide with immense satisfaction. Agreeing about the limits beforehand is of paramount importance in this game.

These are the 5 examples of erotic roleplay games, though the truth is that the number of fantasies that can be practiced is infinite.

Erotic RPGs with the escorts at Felina Valencia

Every person has his/her desires, fantasies and perversions, and sometimes it is not easy to find a partner with whom one can fulfill these. If you don’t know with whom to fulfill your fantasies, or if your partner does not want to play the role of another person, at Felina Valencia you will meet beautiful professional escorts for erotic games in Valencia.

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