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As you know, at felina Valencia there are many escorts without any photos on the website for reasons concerning privacy, though there are increasingly more escorts who dare to pose in front of a photographer and show their charms and best smiles so that you can know them before visiting our escorthouse.

We have a lot of new stuff at our escorts’ gallery; some have renewed their looks while others have appeared on our website for the first time. We are introducing you to some of the gorgeous girls you can meet from today itself on our website along with their new pics:

Débora: A sexy and open-minded Valencian escort. Horny and loving at the same time. This young Spaniard is cheerful and exciting, ideal for having a date in which she can enjoy sex without any complications.

Vera: Tall and fun-loving Romanian escort who makes her lovers enjoy both her company and sex. She always has a smile on her face and is very imaginative. She is ideal for having a date wherein one can enjoy sex without any complications.

Laura: A Spanish professional masseuse with some very exciting curves. Let her hands take care of everything and enjoy some real feminine curves. She likes men who know what they want.

All these escorts have something on offer, a specialty and a natural charm with which they can make men fall in love. The question is: who is the ideal girl? A question that can be answered by you only. We are inviting you to see their pics, read their descriptions, the services they provide, and then make up your mind about the type of date or rendezvous you want to have.

If you have any doubt, you can get in touch with us. We shall be pleased to advise and help you have a perfect experience at our escorthouse.

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10, 12, 32, 71, 80 and N1.

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A 10-minute taxi ride from downtown Valencia. Beware of taxi drivers. Some of them may try to take you another brothel or club in lieu of a commission. Kindly remember that our brothel is never closed.