The new Sex Club of the Felina group in Barcelona

Date with escorts in Barcelona

Before the weekend comes to an end, we would like to present to you the new brothel that the felina group is going to open in Barcelona: La Suite. If you are lucky to be in Barcelona come May 23, you cannot miss the opening of La Suite. You will be left wanting for words when you discover it.

New whorehouse in Barcelona

After 8 weeks of alterations, Barcelona’s new brothel will finally take birth on the coming May 23. La Suite Barcelona will set a benchmark for whorehouses. Our years of experience in the prostitution industry have enabled us to reinvent ourselves and come up with an even more luxurious and elegant bordello than any of its predecessors. La Suite Barcelona is located in the premises that belonged to the famous club Sauna de Cristal. The present installations have nothing to do with the previous ones. During the renovation, the old structure was demolished and a completely new one constructed in its place.

Barcelona’s new whorehouse has 10 spacious and luxurious rooms. Besides a unique and exclusive design, all of them have been carefully decorated by paying attention to the most trivial of details. In the rooms at La Suite you will come across big mirrors spread across the wall, lights with adjustable intensity and various music channels. Apart from its luxurious premises, La Suite Barcelona also has a huge central hall where you can savor a drink with the escort before getting into action. Everything has been especially designed so that you cannot forget your date with the escort in Barcelona.

Excellent location in Barcelona

Barcelona’s new brothel comes loaded with new features and especially advantages. One of the most important one of those, and the one that will appeal the most to those who travel frequently to Barcelona, is its perfect location in Barcelona. It is situated in Calle Tarragona, 177, a few meters away from the Sants Station and the Plaça d’Espanya. Its key location allows you to reach the airport by taxi in just 18 minutes. Due to its downtown location, there are a large number of public transport lines that take you to La Suite.

Just as we mentioned earlier, our broad experience in this industry allows us to get first-hand knowledge of what our customers want. Most of them seek a very inconspicuous sex session. In order to ensure unobtrusiveness, La Suite Barcelona has 3 different access points. The main one is through the doorway of a discreet building in Calle Tarragona. The second one, which is the least conspicuous, is through an outbuilding in Calle Mallorca. Finally, the direct access through the parking lot is located in Calle Rector Triadó, 98.

If all this was not enough, at La Suite Barcelona you will find a whole range of beautiful escorts to satisfy your desires with. Many of them provide their exciting sex services at both La Suite and outside it.

If you are desirous of knowing more, you can check out our recently launched website at La Suite de Felina and follow us on Twitter. Be the first one to know about all the new developments at the new bordello in Barcelona.

If you are in Barcelona, you have a mandatory date with La Suite on May 23. You won’t regret it. At this new whorehouse in Barcelona you will have a sexual rendezvous better than what you could have dreamed of.

What are you waiting for to drop by at Barcelona’s most elegant bordello?

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