Luxury prostitutes in Valencia

Luxury prostitutes in Valencia

Valencia’s best prostitutes

World’s oldest profession is rightfully so because it doesn’t know what crisis is. Being a prostitute in Valencia, Timbuktu or the Antipodes is synonymous with having a secure job, regardless of the place. And the fact is that everybody feels the need to have sex every now and then, some more frequently than the others. No doubt, practically everyone has sexual needs that have to be satisfied. (If you have zero interest in sex, you are a part of that 1% population that claims to be asexual).

Well, you may belong to the group of people who do not have a sexual partner available for every occasion when your libido shoots up. Although you may have that girl for daily sex, but you may not be fully satisfied or need another person to fulfill some of your most intimate desires. We understand it and that is why we are going to tell you the names of some of the prostitutes working at Felina Valencia, so that you can satisfy all your erotic and sexual needs:


Three prostitutes who usually work at Felina Valencia

Tatiana is an inconspicuous and very sensual Portuguese lover dedicated to men with whom she shares her bedroom. Sweet, loving and romantic, this girl will have sex with you and provide you with her company as if she were your girlfriend. Or even if you have a girlfriend, the three of you could together have a very exciting time together, since this girl also attends to couples.

Meanwhile, Sabrina is a very sexy girl. She is a young Romanian who is willing to satisfy you in whatever you ask from her; a very open-minded escort who is ready to experience all kinds of pleasures. Ask her to bathe you with her hot golden shower while you lie down in Felina’s shower. Pleasure is assured. Or ejaculate on her face. She will like a nice French facial.

Triana is another prostitute who won’t go unnoticed by you. Although she doesn’t have her photos posted on our website since she prefers to maintain her anonymity, this young Mexican student wants to have nice, quality sex without any prejudices. She dares to have threesomes, bachelor parties, outcalls… She says that her aim is to both give and get pleasure. So, now you know that if you like boastful women, this girl will be able to match your expectations.

These are the three girls we would like to recommend to you for enjoying a nice, quality sex session with stylish and composed girls. Now all you have to do is plan your date (or just drop by at our brothel, we are always open). Whatever your choice, at Felina Valencia you will get to know all types of luxury escorts and prostitutes. It will be very easy to find the ideal girl for your fantasies because they are professionals who do their best to offer a quality service. Let our manager advise you and do not worry, for our premises will enable you to have an unobtrusive rendezvous with all the necessary comforts. Get in touch now through email at or by filling up our contact form. Or if you want, call on the number +34 677 222 000.

Sex club and luxury escorts in Valencia
Felina Valencia
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A 10-minute taxi ride from downtown Valencia. Beware of taxi drivers. Some of them may try to take you another brothel or club in lieu of a commission. Kindly remember that our brothel is never closed.