New pics of escorts in Valencia

New photos of escorts in Valencia

At Felina Valencia we always have new prostitutes in Valencia and, along with them, the diverse new developments that aid in our continuous growth and evolution every day. Today we are going to talk about the new photos of escorts. Do you want to be informed of all the Valencia girls who posted their new photos? Let’s get started!


The first prostitute in Valencia we are going to present to you today is Rosa. She is a gorgeous Cuban girl. She is as feline as they get! A passionate, hot-blooded and very imaginative woman. Men drive her crazy. Physically, she is a Cuban beauty who radiates sensuality and horniness from every pore of her skin. Tall and long-legged, her sweet eyes are accompanied by her great smile. Who could resist her?

Another sex worker in Valencia who recently posted her fresh-from-the-oven pics is Salomé. Who is Salomé? She is a busty Colombian girl who will receive you at Felina with a great smile and will make you feel like a prince right from the very first moment you spend with her. In the bed, she defines herself as a sensuous and dedicated lover who enjoys fulfilling her partners’ erotic dreams and enjoying with sex toys. She has a whole range of exciting sex services on offer!

Finally, we are going to talk to you about Aitana, whose photos we have just received. This 18-year-old says that Felina Valencia is very comfortable. Despite her age, she is experienced enough to leave you open-mouthed. Sexually, she is very active, she loves performing the OWO and deep throat. Do you feel like having a sex session in private or a lesbian sex with some of her partner? With her, there’s no problem whatsoever.


Now that we have shown you the latest girls who posted their new photos on Felina Valencia’s website, we would like to inform you about some changes that we have made to our website. At our brothel, we work day in and day out to improve and make our clients’ experience as satisfactory as possible.

A few weeks ago, we activated a new filter called “Novelties”. This filter allows the users to know which sluts in Valencia have just started offering their services at Felina Valencia, which whores have posted their latest photos and which ones have returned to our bordello from their vacations. We find it quite useful. And we hope that you too!

The final change we have implemented is something our customers have requested on many occasions. We have regrouped all the filters and now it is possible to filter several services at the same time. This will allow you to easily find the perfect girl for you.

Have you liked the new photos of the hookers in Valencia? And how about the new changes to our website? By leaving your feedback, you help us more than you can think of.

If you need more information or want to book a date with sluts in Valencia, get in touch with us through our web form or by giving us a call on +34 677 000 222. Don’t wait any longer to enjoy a unique moment of pleasure and seduction.

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