Why be with Russian escorts at Felina Valencia?

Russian sluts in Valencia

Russian escorts are characterized by being the most enigmatic women: besides being extremely beautiful, they are also the most daring ladies in bed. There are many clients who look for such escorts, since their fame precedes them. We usually have some of them at our brothel. Would you like to come over to pay us a visit and discover these beauties?

Russian women have a strong personality and are hard to approach. It is for this reason that they are extremely attractive for any Latin guy. Latin men are hot, passionate and desirous of uncovering every nook and corner of sex. On the other hand, Russian women generally distance themselves from this part of the Latin nature: they are strong women, who like to dominate in any given situation and have no reservations whatsoever about discovering the aspects of sex with you, who never thought you would put them into practice.


Do you know why they are the most sought after women? You have guessed it right! Their extreme beauty precedes them. Their appearance usually resembles a porcelain doll: blonde (or brunette), tall, with light-colored eyes. You will get the impression of being with a super model!

Whether Russians, Latinas or Spaniards, you can get to know them all at our whorehouse in Valencia. Would you like to come and know us?

Why choose a Russian slut?

If you are thinking about having a date with a Russian whore but are yet to fully make up your mind, here are some reasons for you to go ahead with the idea:

  • They are extremely beautiful: you would think that you are in the company of a model. Generally, these women are gifted with an unmatched beauty, fair complexion and light features.
  • Because of their attitude to sex: there is a trite phrase which says that they usually show a pornographic attitude during their sexual flings. How about trying their pornstar service?
  • They are well-mannered. They are the perfect partners for an event or dinner since their cultural level tends to be high.
  • GFE. Thanks to their beauty and education, they are the ideal partners for a GFE service.

Services to hire with a Russian escort

Partner service

As we were saying, thanks to their education, Russian escorts are perfect partners for an event you got to attend and for which need a woman by your side. What better way of doing it than in the company of a Russian beauty?

Escort for home outcall

You can enjoy all her charms and an extraordinary evening at your place. Russian escorts are stylish, cultured and very beautiful. Don’t give it another thought and invite them to your home!

Erotic shower

There is nothing more sensual for discovering a woman’s body than an erotic shower. With her, you can slowly get to know every part of each other’s body while kissing and caressing each other.

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