What do men look for in luxury escorts?

Preferences of men in luxury escorts

The clients turning to luxury prostitution for a sexual rendezvous are as varied as the women who decide to become luxury escorts, just like the sexual preferences and fantasies with which they turn up before the concerned escort. The best thing that a woman, who has professionally decided to work as a prostitute, can do is to take note and reflect after every date with a customer. In this way, she can learn and improve the services she offers. A huge question that all luxury escorts in Valencia or in any part of the world must ask themselves is: how is a man satisfied?

How does a luxury escort satisfy a man?

Knowing a man sexually is a prerequisite to being able to exercise this ancient profession, “cultivating” the client’s loyalty and forging a good reputation among the regular customers of this service. But as we said earlier, sexual diversity is extensive.

There is no manual for satisfying a man or a woman. It depends on his/her nature, preferences and the time of meeting him/her. The important thing is to know how to adapt to each client and learn how is the person in question. This is not just important for a luxury escort, but also for men and women who have partners. There will be people who enjoy seamless sex with their partner, and surely do not need any advice. But those who do not enjoy should consider some other issue. And if not, there are high chances that your partner would inevitably find another lover someday.

What kind of men approach luxury escorts?

When a luxury escort girl has her first date with a customer, she can run into two different types of men, to do a broad generalization; the man who wants to dominate and the one who wants to be dominated. In other words, the one who likes to take the initiative and the one who prefers to be shown the way.

The dominating men include those who see the woman they have paid for as a sex object at their disposal and believe to have the right to everything when it comes to her. They are very easy to distinguish; they tend to use vulgar language while stripping you naked with little gentleness and focus on their instinct for sexually satisfying themselves. A luxury escort must know how to set limits for such kind of individuals, but, depending on the person, allow reasonable things so that they can fulfill their fantasies. Dealing with them is usually unpleasant but sexually satisfying them can be very simple. They aren’t customers who are highly recommended for any woman, though they are there and one has to be professional come what may.

In addition to such men, there are also domineering men who are sweet and cordial to deal with but are only driven by their most basic instincts, wanting to savor a woman’s body more than anything else without actually sharing their body with their lover’s. However, the treatment in this case is nicer. They are also easy to please sexually and do not let the creation of any kind of bonding in sex. It is also true that everything depends on the woman, since such customers can be the most appropriate ones for sluts who look at sex coldly and want to feel dominated.

The other big group is those men who prefer to be carried away and enjoy what their lover has on offer for them. They are usually men who fall deeper into your hands, approach the luxury escort looking for a lover who can provide them with answers to their instincts and sentimental needs. Such customers represent the majority, are those who must be looked after the most and are many a times the hardest to satisfy, since they expect a lot more than catering to a physical need. For a luxury prostitute who wants to make her work a passion, such customers enable her to broaden her horizons and enjoy an intimate date that is full of feelings. They are highly recommended for women who want to lead the way, enjoy their sexuality and carry the reins of the situation.

Finally, there is a group that we have not spoken about but one that represents a blend of both, men who like to take the reins of the situation but also expect to be dominated at some point of time during the date. Such men are hard to detect, for more than a date is needed to know them at that level, that is unless he points it out at the outset. Such men tend to know what they like and take the driver’s seat, but love to be surprised and lead. These types of men are ideal for those women who want to feel dominated but also want to feel that they are a part of the relationship.

All in all, there are many types of men, and being able to satisfy them depends a lot on knowing what they want. The woman who is a professional hooker must know how to adapt to all of these customers, or choose the kind of clients she prefers, for just like there are different kinds of men, there are different types of women as well. They are, after all, luxury escort girls. Thus, just like in the case of a couple, the customer and the escort must know what they want and choose the one who is most compatible with their needs.

How to choose the ideal luxury escort?

At felina Valencia we are aware of how hard it often gets to choose the ideal luxury escort for having a sexual rendezvous. It is for this reason that we always try and offer a fully reliable description of each and every escort on our website so that the customer knows how the girl is like and if her nature is compatible with what he is looking for. Furthermore, you must know that the escorts are free to refuse to have a date with a particular customer, which enables that the dates, despite being paid, are a lot more natural.

However, it’s not just that. In the Escorts’ Service section all the sexual and escorting services provided by the luxury call girls working with us are explained, along with what these girls specifically do. In this way, if what you seek is having a sweet and intimate rendezvous with a sweet girl, we advise you to take notice of the GFE service (Girlfriend Experience), whereas if what you want is sheer passion and wildest sex, check out the luxury escorts providing the PSE service (Pornstar Experience).

If you still don’t have it clear, there is no need to worry. You can send us an email at info@felinavalencia.com or call on +34 677 000 222, and we will advise you to make sure that you make the right choice.

To sum it up, we are leaving you with some of the services sought by most men when they look for having sex with luxury escorts.

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