What is the OWO?

Felina Valencia’s OWO

If there is something that all men, without any exception whatsoever, love when it comes to sex, it is oral sex, the OWO to be more specific. This fellatio is performed without any intermediary: there is just the contact between the tongue and the testicles. Would you like to try it out at our brothel with one of the escorts working with us in Valencia? Don’t give it another thought!

The oral sex without condom, as you would imagine, is one of the most requested services at Felina. It is practiced without a condom, due to which the stimulation is a lot more enjoyable. It is important to have an excellent chemistry with the escort providing it, given the intimate nature of the practice in question.

It is also mandatory to have an erotic shower before practicing the OWO, so that the proper hygiene norms are respected, thereby making the most of the sensuality of being under the water along with the statuesque body of one of the sluts working at our bordello in Valencia.

Do you feel like coming to try it? Our receptionist will apprise you of the girls available for the OWO and the one who best adapts to your tastes.

Passionate stimulation

The fellatio is an art mastered only by experienced women. It is not about passing the tongue over the man’s genitals without a rhythm or predetermined pattern: there are points that are more sensitive than the others, areas that are more stimulating than the others that make a man lose his head during the OWO.


It is worth adding the fact that it is not performed with a condom, due to which the feelings are passionate. The touch of a woman’s tongue causes the most sensual caress on a man’s genitalia, whether on the penis or on the testicles.

At Felina Valencia, we follow various specific movements for our customers to leave happy, feeling that they have lived the most memorable experience. We will tell it to you below!

How is the OWO performed at Felina?

Erotic shower

As we were telling you, it is important for you to bear Felina Valencia’s hygiene norms in mind before practicing the OWO. Therefore, for the experience to be as enjoyable and exciting as possible, you can have a bath with the escort in a sensual erotic shower that you will come across in our suite.

Pre-fellatio phase

All of it will pave the way for the foreplay to the fellatio. The massages that you can give to each other or even the kisses near the genitalia by the escort so that you can start to imagine how will the touch of her lips and tongue be like.

Testicle massage

During the OWO, the touch of the lips and tongue will be combined with the hands. Thus, the escort will make your desire for the OWO increase and your excitement level go up.


When you decide to ejaculate, when you have reached the climax of your date, the escort will take your genitals to her face so that you can ejaculate out of her mouth.

You wish to try it now, don’t you? Well, don’t wait any longer to give it a try! Call us and set up a date with us. Our phone number is +34 961 053 154 or +34 677 000 222. You can also write to us at the email address info@felinavalencia.com or by filling up our contact form. We are waiting for you!

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