Why do we like mature escorts?

Mature hooker in Valencia with mask and red lips

Mature escorts: why do we like them?

When a man requires the services of an escort, we tend to think that he is looking for a woman with a firm body and perky breasts. Generally they want escort girls with youthful and voluptuous bodies for having sex without any commitments.

But, there are also men with different tastes that prefer older women. Mature escorts are the reason behind the fantasies of young and middle-aged men alike. Why is it so?

Why have sex with mature hookers:

  • An older woman has more experience, and therefore more practice. This can translate into a better technique in bed because she has learned the things that the younger ones haven’t yet discovered. In short, mature escorts do not have any doubts about what men expect in sex and know very well how to please and drive a man crazy in bed.
  • The authority imposed by a mature woman is fascinating. It is a game of power that can turn out to be very erotic. The experience, independence and control exercised by the MILFs is a great aphrodisiac for men.
  • An aged sex worker knows what and how she wants it. However, more importantly, she knows exactly what and how he wants it.
  • They can provide better dates because their experience gives them a more sophisticated touch.
  • Some people are looking for an intellectual connection for the short time they spend with the escort. Many men are not just turned on by a woman’s body but are also fascinated by a nice chat full of interesting anecdotes (the MILF will have a lot of stories to share, thanks to her age and sheer statistics).


When a sexual relation becomes a personal relation

Beyond the physical and sexual attraction that a MILF can offer, there are young guys that prefer older romantic partners. They are usually in their 20s while their female partners are in their 40s. Many of the aspects binding them are based on the aforementioned sexual experience. However, other factors like the woman’s financial independence, a lower emotional pressure, since in that age they are more responsible for their own feelings, and the fact that they are not looking to have children or even a strong commitment demanded by young women come into play. The MILFs are more aware of their shortcomings and accept themselves as such. This does not stop them from enjoying and getting pleasure. It is precisely that air of security which can make a younger guy fall for them.

Even at the sociological level, a name has been given to these daring women that live their life with intensity and have no qualms in choosing partners that are a lot younger than them: they are Cougars, a term related with sexual aggressiveness, something like “to go hunting”. These panthers want to have a toy boy life (a term used to refer to a male model used by a woman with sexual goals).

Anecdotally, Monica Porter is the author of a book in which she describes her own life when she got divorced at 60 and published My Year of Dating Dangerous. In the book she tells how she bedded 15-year-old guys, including two on the same day.

When the sexual desire for an older person becomes a paraphilia

If sexual attraction is taken to a higher level, it is known as gerontophilia. In other words, it is the sexual attraction for older persons. There must be an age difference of at least 35 years between both persons for the paraphilia to really exist. Any paraphilia wherein there is respect for the partner’s freedom must be accepted. So do not worry if you are approaching your 30s and like MILFs. Now you know that it is normal. Do you dare to get laid with one? info@felinavalencia.com

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